16 Video Game Movies We Were Denied

In some alternate universe, Jim Carrey playing Eggman isn’t the best video game flicks can ever get.
16 Video Game Movies We Were Denied

Video game movies are notoriously horrible — but sometime, somewhen, there will be a good one. Sonic the Hedgehog is arguably that hero, but there were so many contenders before that are now lost to history. These films all could have been the Iron Man-esque breakthrough video game movies needed to become cool, hip, mainstream, award-winning, and most importantly incredibly profitable to the people making them to the degree that the games themselves would wrap themselves around their own portrayal in the film, becoming a mirror reflecting itself eternally. Unfortunately for us, these game movies were never made, but we can look back on what was and what could have been, and dream of a world in which Jim Carrey playing Eggman is not the best video game movies can ever get. It is pretty good, though, to be fair. 

Here are some video game movies that almost were made. Hope you enjoy the trip through the bargain bin of a parallel world, kids.

Live Action Zelda Series

CRACKED.COM Video game movies we were denied Live action Zelda series The reason behind the series not going forward? People heard about it, and it spooked Nintendo.

Source: /Film

The Sims

Video game movies we were denied The Sims The movie would've followed a Free Guy-esque NPC who realizes the truth of the world around him. It was canceled when Disney bought Fox, the studio producing it. CRACKED.COM

Source: Geeks

The Legend of Zelda

Video game movies we were denied The Legend of Zelda There have been a few attempts to bring the game to the big screen-most recently by Imagi Studios. However, the company went out of business, and Nintendo went another way. CRACKED.COM

Source: MovieWeb

Detective Pikachu 2

YOUR RAIL CRACKED.COM BUY PASS TODA eco WARNING PER RIVE-CITY RUFFLES ETNC CITY WACOR FREE IS - KAAS Video game movies we were denied Detective Pikachu 2 Despite the critical and fan love for Detective Pikachu (even if it doesn't have Danny DeVito in any role), there's no hope for a sequel.

Source: VGC

Five Nights at Freddy’s

CRACKED.COM Video game movies we were denied Five Nights at Freddy's Directed by Chris Columbus, the movie is still coming. Probably. Any day now. The reason for the delay? Game creator Scott Cawthon has final cut approval, and he is very hard to please.

Source: MovieWeb

Final Fantasy VII

Video game movies we were denied Final Fantasy VII The team making the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV adaptation almost made FF7 instead. FF14 had everything they wanted out of Final Fantasy, and the space to tell a new, separate story. CRACKED.COM

Source: IGN


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