Not Only Did 'Sonic The Hedgehog' NOT Suck, Sonic 2 Might Be Better

We're just as surpised as you are.
Not Only Did 'Sonic The Hedgehog' NOT Suck, Sonic 2 Might Be Better

Sonic The Hedgehog is getting a sequel. This might come as no surprise to anyone keeping tabs on the box office numbers (the movie pulled in $306.8 million dollars). Still, it might shock folks who have an appetite for quality cinema and who took one look at the CGI blue, anthropomorphized hedgehog-creature and thought "Puking noises." But the truth is Sonic The Hedgehog was not a complete dumpster fire.

It's kinda funny. Some of the jokes feel out of place (James Marsden was labeled "donut lord" despite possessing the figure of an Olympic swimmer and eating all of two donuts), but the quips and zingers are so plentiful that every once in a while, one manages to stick. Sonic is at least a "C" maybe even a "C-plus" movie, which puts it squarely in the mix of top 3 video game movies of all time. But all of that said, I have a feeling Sonic 2 will be an even better version.

But a sequel is not without its challenges. Sonic's initial design was infamously atrocious -- like a mashup of the laziest of DeviantArt's erotic Sonic fan-art come to life. The redesign, however, came out fantastic. But, the studio behind that redesign has shut down, meaning we'll need to roll the dice with a whole new team.

On the plus side, the weakest part of Sonic was that it was burdened by exposition. Sonic is an intergalactic space-hedgehog who chooses to live in Blue Hills, Montana after his mother, an owl-creature, was attacked by other aliens ... sure. It's basically a jumbled mess, doing it's best to stay truthful to the source material about a speedy woodland creature, powered by golden rings and methamphetamines, doing battle against an evil robot scientist, fueled by Jim Carrey's love of a large paycheck. The movie is also clunky exploring Sonic's friendship with James Marsden, pushing a buddy-cop narrative on us, despite Marsden having as much chemistry with Sonic as could be expected from an actor playing opposite what is probably motion capture equipment tied to a stick. But Sonic 2 won't have to deal with setting up any of that bullshit. We can dive straight into the good stuff and that good stuff is quips, jokes, quips, more quips, Jim Carrey dancing, some more quips, and spoilers the arrival of Sonic's sidekick, Tails.

If Sonic 2 decides to fully embrace the game lore, then we'll be treated to appearances by not only Tails, but Knuckles and Shadow "I'm faster than a motorcycle, but I ride one because it's cool" The Hedgehog as well. We're not saying Sonic 2 is going to be The Godfather 2 or even Spiderman 2, but the bar for video game movies is basically underground, so yeah, we think it can be the best video game movie of all-time.

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