15 Weird News Stories That Give Us Grave Concern For Humanity

Forget gas prices, the nation is running out of hunks.
15 Weird News Stories That Give Us Grave Concern For Humanity

The protagonist of this game is an adventurer named Kojou Akatsuki. He was raised in a world without magic until a year ago, when he encountered a mysterious woman who gave him the ability to use sorcery ...

Kojou Akatsuki has been searching around Tokyo as he attempts to find out more about himself — and why there appears to be a mysterious woman looking for him. His journey leads him to an ancient ruin in Yamanashi Prefecture — why, it's the very same location where his "mother" disappeared a year before ...

What does that woman, whom Kojou met just once a year prior, intend by seeking the legendary item he's been searching for all these months?

Why can't the man and woman finally meet in person, and why doesn't she call Kojou Akatsuki by the name "Akatsuki" — his real name?

Uhh, sorry, wrong article. Anyway, here's a list of 15 weird things that happened:

Former finance minister now makes $50 a shift for Uber.

WEIRD WORLD Afghanistan's former finance minister is now an Uber driver in Washington DC. The 40-year-old once oversaw a US-supported $6bn budget. The Post reported that in one night earlier this week, he made a little over $150 for six hours' work, not counting his commute - a mediocre night. CRACKED.COM

The Guardian 

Beer and the new Tool album among the first requests of man with new brain implant.

WEIRD WORLD A paralyzed man uses his new brain implant to ask his caregivers for beer. A completely paralysed man, who was left unable to communicate for months after losing the ability to even move his eyes, has used a brain implant to ask his caregivers for a beer. Не also requested they play Tool's new album CRACKED.COM -loud.


A drunken jet-skier attacked the person rescuing him from drowning.

WEIRD WORLD A jet-skier was rescued from drowning, attacked his rescuer, and was fatally shot in self defense. Kawasaki ممرود - 3 JETPILOT 2 The jet ski was doing circles in the water after ejecting its riders, a man and woman who looked to be in distress. When a couple nearby pulled them into their pontoon, the man began attacking the rescuers and was shot. CRACKED.COM


A YouTuber proves hospitals are overcharging by making his own equipment.

WEIRD WORLD A YouTuber built his own x-ray machine after getting a $69,000 hospital bill. Thermo Annoyed with the outrageous amount the hospital was billing for a CT scan, medication, and a two night stay (which he admits insurance paid all but $2,500), Will Osman went and built his own x-ray machine in a day. CRACKED.COM

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Do we really want this dangerous criminal walking the streets?

WEIRD WORLD A former government employee was convicted of stealing millions of dollars worth of fajitas. Gilberto Escamilla pled guilty to stealing the fajitas over the course of nine years while employed at the Derrell-Hester Juvenile Detention Center in San Benito, and was sentenced to 50 years in prison in 2018. Не is CRACKED.COM eligible for parole next year.


We may be able to bring back the dodo.

WEIRD WORLD The Dodo was so tasty and easy to catch that they were driven to extinction 300 years ago. Scientists at the University of California Santa Cruz have sequenced its full genome, raising the possibility that it could be brought back to life and sold grilled or crispy with a side of potato wedges. CRACKED.COM

The Times 

Chicagoans are being given free gas by a millionaire.

WEIRD WORLD A Chicago millionaire is giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gas. Pop The Windy City Rockefeller Willie Wilson is combating rising gas prices by buying it up and offering it free across Chicago and its suburbs. Не started small with $200,000 worth, but then came back the next week to drop a cool million. That's almost enough to fill up a Ford Explorer.com


An unusual obstruction was found in a woman.

WEIRD WORLD A glass tumbler was found in a woman after it was inserted, and lost, 4 years prior. A woman suffered from UTIs for a year before going to the emergency room, where an x-ray revealed something in her bladder the shape of a glass. Years prior, the woman lost the glass during an erotic encounter, which then migrated and became encased in calcified material. .ED.COM


Snakes that were sealed in wine for a year came back to life to extract revenge.

WEIRD WORLD A man was bitten by a venomous snake that had been displayed in a wine bottle for a year. The snake wine is sold with the supposed dead bodies of actual snakes, and a Chinese man had purchased a bottle with the hopes that it could cure his son's chronic illness. Reports of the snakes' death were greatly exaggerated, as all three came to life and one bit the man.D.COM


Man’s corpse is burned, plans for rapture ruined.

WEIRD WORLD A funeral home is being sued for cremating a man who had hoped to be raptured. An attorney has filed a lawsuit against a Little Rock funeral home after his clients said the funeral home cremated their loved one against their wishes, preventing the deceased from being raptured following the second coming. A bit presumptuous, we think. CRACKED.COM


“Citizen Kane” may not be that great after all.

WEIRD WORLD An 80-year-old review surfaces to drop Citizen Kanes 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. After Rotten Tomatoes added the negative review for the 80 year old picture, it drove down the Tomatoemeter score from a 100% to a measly 99%. The review, originally published in the Chicago Times Tribune, says, Citizen Kane' Fails to Impress Critic as Greatest Ever Filmed.OM


Trump consulted with Kid Rock on foreign affairs.

WEIRD WORLD Donald Trump asked Kid Rock for advice on North Korea and the Islamic State. When Mr. Rock visited the Oval Office in 2017, he claims then president Trump sought his counsel over tweets he was going to send in regards to the caliphate, and what to do about North Korea. Kid correctly told Trump this was not his area of expertise.RACKED.COM

The Guardian 

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