Sonic the Hedgehog has been running around green hills, stomping on echidnas, and messing up the puberty of every vaguely queer child since his birth in 1991. He's been around in comics, video games, television shows, and just as a general attitude of the ’90s, like a Spiritus Mundi for the end of Generation X. He's floating around at the speed of sound, changing from a rad dude on a skateboard to an Olympic level athlete competing against an Italian plumber, to a werewolf, to a man making out with a human woman, to whatever the hell he's doing in the new movie coming out this week. Wrestling Idris Elba? His life is great. And confusing. 

To celebrate the blue streak, here's some things you never knew you never knew about the weird little hedgehog. Including the fact that yes, he actually is a hedgehog, and originally he looked a lot more normal. Of course, that's not the only thing that's changed about Sonic in his lifetime, but read on for more.

CRACKED.COM SONIC TM MANIA Sonic the Hedgehog Fans created a Sonic game. Sonic Mania, one of the best Sonic games, was created by Sonic mod and fan creators.

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