15 Shrekiest Shrek Moments from 'Shrek'

These are the kind of moments that make you go, "Yup, that's a Shrek."
15 Shrekiest Shrek Moments from 'Shrek'

Shrek is one of America’s true icons — up there with the Founding Fathers and McDonald’s. What is cinema without Smash Mouth's “All Star” playing over a Scottish-voiced ogre using the bathroom. It’s a film that has inspired generations. But what about the man himself? What do we know about Shrek? Well, we know he’s a loving father, homeowner, king and… one of a kind.

Here are some of the most Shrek moments of Shrek’s whole career. The type of moments that make you go, “Yup, that’s a Shrek.” Not his scariest or his funniest but his most quintessential — the key to understand who he is, inside. Lotsa layers in this onion, but if we peel it all down we might find the heart of an ogre that’s … very interested in just kinda being a prick a lot. It’s normally the less physically capable one that mocks the opponent for their size, but with Shrek? He’s the verbal and physical best. In celebration, here are his Shrekiest moments.

Shrek Sandwich Time

shrekiest shrek Moments shrek! sandwich time In the original book, the big green ogre makes a dude pass out just to steal his sandwich. CRACKED.COM

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