15 Mighty Morphin Facts about the Power Rangers

15 Mighty Morphin Facts about the Power Rangers

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! It’s time to blast back to the past with a look at an old favorite of yours (or your mom and dad’s, or something), The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. A show both famous and infamous for its problems on- and-off-set, this odd show created by reusing footage from a Japanese show and splicing it in with newly shot footage seemed to have been designed to become a cult classic but captivated children everywhere, leading to bigger, weirder, and more red in the budget for subsequent series. And there are quite a few – from space, to galaxy, to time, to just having big cars or dinosaurs, Power Rangers has stayed and mutated and changed and then rebooted itself half a dozen times. But Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is what started it all – Zordon calling upon teenagers with attitude to come help protect the human race from a woman who lived in a dumpster on the Moon. Welcome to the television of the 1990s.


CRACKED.COM Power Rangers It was a non-union show. All the contracts of cast and crew were non-union. According to Black Ranger Walter Jones, you could make more at McDonald's.

Source: HuffPost

Bryan Cranston

CRACKED.COM Power Rangers Bryan Cranston was in the show. In addition to playing Zordon in the recent reboot, Cranston was two different villains in series.

Source: RangerWiki

The Original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Film

Power Rangers The first movie took the Rangers to space early. It also went a bit further into the villainous origins of Ivan Ooze and his battles with Zordon in the past. CRACKED.COM

Source: Den of Geek

Director Bulk

CRACKED.COM Power Rangers Bulk is a director. Bulk is one of the brainless Team Rocket-esque villains of the show - but Paul Schrier, who plays Bulk, directed some of the episodes.

Source: IMDb

New Power Rangers Coming!

Power Rangers The series is returning. A new movie, a new television show, games, comics, books - all wrapped up in the brand- new Power Rangers universe. CRACKED.COM


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