The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! It’s time to blast back to the past with a look at an old favorite of yours (or your mom and dad’s, or something), The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. A show both famous and infamous for its problems on- and-off-set, this odd show created by reusing footage from a Japanese show and splicing it in with newly shot footage seemed to have been designed to become a cult classic but captivated children everywhere, leading to bigger, weirder, and more red in the budget for subsequent series. And there are quite a few – from space, to galaxy, to time, to just having big cars or dinosaurs, Power Rangers has stayed and mutated and changed and then rebooted itself half a dozen times. But Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is what started it all – Zordon calling upon teenagers with attitude to come help protect the human race from a woman who lived in a dumpster on the Moon. Welcome to the television of the 1990s.

The Original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Film

Power Rangers The first movie took the Rangers to space early. It also went a bit further into the villainous origins of Ivan Ooze and his battles with Zordon in the past. CRACKED.COM

Source: Den of Geek

Director Bulk

CRACKED.COM Power Rangers Bulk is a director. Bulk is one of the brainless Team Rocket-esque villains of the show - but Paul Schrier, who plays Bulk, directed some of the episodes.

Source: IMDb

New Power Rangers Coming!

Power Rangers The series is returning. A new movie, a new television show, games, comics, books - all wrapped up in the brand- new Power Rangers universe. CRACKED.COM



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