15 Facts To Keep Us Entertained All Night Long

“The Walking Dead” was supposed to end with aliens.
15 Facts To Keep Us Entertained All Night Long

"I don't give a rip how you end up," the sheriff threatened, "but you have to sell me that horse." The cowboy murmured grimly, and looked around the saloon, which was large but very crowded with tables and chairs, and a long bar along one side, and a number of small rooms behind it.

"Fine ... take the horse," the cowboy sighed in exasperation, "and his harness. I guess I'll see if there's a carriage that can take me out of town …. "

The sheriff gave a satisfied grunt, then said, "So, how much do you want for him?"

"I want you to tell me the fifteen facts you've never told anyone," the cowboy nodded slowly.

The sheriff flinched and nearly stumbled, as if slapped across the face. He'd never revealed them to a living soul, but knew he had no choice, and with a quiver in his voice began reciting these facts:

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