The 15 Neatest Facts You Can Put Inside Your Brain Right Now

Bruce Springsteen’s song about leaving NJ almost became the state’s theme.
The 15 Neatest Facts You Can Put Inside Your Brain Right Now

On an island off the coast of Norway is a creature that lives in the forests there, in a small cave. This strange animal has two heads but only one body; it hunts for fish and meat with its two arms while its single head is out in front trying to frighten away any potential threat. The animal does this by making weird, loud noises, much like someone trying to imitate the sound of an angry elephant or a giant monster.

The story of this unnamed beast is found in a collection of Norwegian folktales collected by a priest named Thorbjorn Munthe, who was sent by King Haakon IV to gather stories about the land he would inherit if he married Crown Princess Margaret.

But, to the great detriment of humanity and the universe, the story in the only surviving copy of the collection has been scrawled over and overwritten with these fifteen facts:

In direct sunlight, the space station would heat up to a whopping 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Without controls, the International Space Station temperature would fluctuate 500 degrees. In direct sunlight, the space station would heat up to a whopping 250 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other side, the shade away from the sun would plunge the astronauts aboard the ISS to -250 degrees. CRACKED.COM


A 6-year-old was an award winning Russian soldier.

The youngest soldier in WWII was 6-years-old. Russian Seryozha Aleshkov was orphaned by the war and taken in by a group of soldiers. Не was awarded for his intelligence after finding German spies hiding in a haystack. Не died in 1990, at the age of 54. CRACKED.COM

Russia Beyond 

You almost had to take apart your whole car when you saw a cow.

A law in 1896 proposed motorists disassemble their cars when they come across livestock. As a way to outlaw cars without outlawing cars, the Pennsylvania law would require motorists who encountered livestock to stop their vehicle, disassemble it, hide the parts, and wait for the livestock to move. CRACKED.COM


Some people see colors you didn’t even know existed.

People with an extra cone cell in their eyes can see more colors. Tetrachromats, who are mostly women, have a 4th type of cone cell in addition to the regular RGB cells. This cell enables them to distinguish up to 100 million colors. CRACKED.COM


“The Thing” (1982) took time to grow on people.

The 1982 remake of The Thing was such a failure, John Carpenter lost a multi-picture deal. John Carpenter's The Thing was a box office bomb, being called the Most-Hated Film of All Time by horror magazine Cinefantastique. Carpenter had a multi-picture deal dropped by Universal. CRACKED.COM


Two sheep enter, one sheep leaves in Algerian sheep fighting.

The illegal sport of sheep fighting in Algeria determines which animal is slaughtered. There is no gambling involved in sheep fighting: the winner has its value increased, and the loser is sent to slaughter. The sheep are given fear inducing names, like Hitler, Ebola, and Lawyer. CRACKED.COM

The Guardian  

City dwelling birds are on a whole ‘nother level.

City birds use cigarette butts as pest control for their nests. Urban birds like finches and sparrows gather discarded cigarette butts to use in their nests. The nicotine in the cigarettes acts as a form of pest control that helps to keep parasites away. CRACKED.COM


“Cookies and creme” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The stuff in Oreos cannot legally be called cream. Gouble SERE The FDA does not allow manufacturers to use the word cream to describe food that contains no actual cream. To get around this, Oreo officially describes their creamy filling as creme. CRACKED.COM

Yahoo News 

One man was awake during a medical procedure.

A man experienced the first 16 minutes of a laparotomy without pain killers. Sherman Sizemore was given a paralytic for his procedure. However, due to a medical error, he was not given anesthetic until 16 minutes later, causing him to be awake and feel every cut by the doctor. CRACKED.COM

ABC News 

Rodents really do love running in a wheel.

Wild rodents will run on hamster wheels if you leave one for them. Neurophysiologists in the Netherlands have found that if you place a hamster wheel in a natural setting, wild animals such as mice will come and run on it voluntarily. This suggests that the animals enjoy the activity. CRACKED.COM


The disappearance of the Plains Bison shrank the indigenious population.

Indigenous people were the tallest in the world before the disappearance of the bison. Before the mass slaughtering of bison, the indigenous tribes that relied on them were among the tallest in the world. Once the bison disappeared, the average height of the people there dropped by over an inch. CRACKED.COM

Inside Science 

Don’t post your winning ticket from the racetrack online.

A woman's race track winnings were stolen when she posted a selfie with the ticket. After winning $825, an Australian woman took a selfie with the winning bet slip and posted it on Facebook. As the barcode was visible, someone was able to use it and withdraw her winnings. CRACKED.COM

AU News 

Bruce Springsteen’s song about leaving NJ almost became the state’s theme.

The song about leaving NJ was almost made the state's official rock theme. The New Jersey State Assembly voted to honor Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run as the rock theme of NJ. Fortunately, once the assembly realized the meaning of the song, the bill was dropped. CRACKED.COM

Ultimate Classic Rock 

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