15 Feel Good Stories That Feel Like A Warm Blanket

America is putting all those guns to good use.
15 Feel Good Stories That Feel Like A Warm Blanket

How do you feel? Like right now? Good? Bad? It’d be a real shame if you felt bad. We want you to feel good. Everyone should feel good! About themselves, about their life, about the world around them – that’s the whole shebang, isn’t it? So, in the interest of feeling good, here’s some stories that seem designed to make us lowly people feel good. Dogs beating avalanches? That seems like it’d make us feel good. The wild giraffe population going up again? Yeah, we like the sound of that. Cases of lead poisoning going down all the way to zero? That sounds great! Wow, all that really does feel good. But… oh no, the good feeling has passed? It was so fleeting, so ephemeral… how do we get it back? The answer is easy and obvious – read on! There’s more on this list to keep the good feelings coming all day!

Days after being buried in the snow, this dog finds its way back.

A dog survived an avalanche and days in the wilderness. Two skiers walked out of Monarch Pass in Colorado after being hit and buried by an avalanche, thinking they lost their dog who accompanied them. Days later, the dog was found on the trailhead, alive. CRACKED.COM


Gold medal goes to WWII female army unit.

An all-female and all-Black army unit from WWII is awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. The Women's Army Corps, who were assigned to the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, served both in the United States as well as in Europe where its members sorted and routed mail for millions of American service members.com


Lead pollution is being cleaned up in Nigeria.

Poisoning cases have been all but wiped out after cleaning up Nigeria's deadly lead pollution. Since 2010, more than 600 children have died from lead poisoning in Zamfara state as a result of hazardous artisanal gold mining. No child has died since October last year, thanks to a joint effort between local and international agencies.com

The Guardian 

Only a dozen kids have earned a black belt in coding.

A 12-year-old is the 13th person in the world to earn a black belt in coding. I The company Code Ninjas awards black belts to students after programming courses that can take four years, but Noam Pischanker from Halifax finished in just two. CRACKED.COM


Puerto Rico is no longer bankrupt.

Puerto Rico exited bankruptcy thanks to the largest public debt restructuring in U.S. history. The exit means that the U.S. territory's government will resume payments to bondholders for the first time in several years and will settle some $1 billion worth of claims filed by residents and local businesses. CRACKED.COM


New developer will make games that are actually good for you.

Fall Guys publisher will make new games focused on improving mental health. 08 07 Devolver Digital co-founder Mike Wilson and Ryan Douglas, former CEO of medical device company Nextern, announced a new company, DeepWell, a games publisher explicitly dedicated to both developing and publishing games that provide proven health benefits.COM


America is putting all those guns to good use.

Gunmakers in America are helping Ukrainians fight back against Putin. All over the country, nonprofits, elected officials, and sheriff's departments have collected body armor and ammunition to send to Ukraine. Federal arms export licenses have been going through in just days to get Ukraine the arms they need to defend themselves.com


A ban of race-based hair discrimination has been passed.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill banning race-based hair discrimination. The bill, known as the Crown Act, bans race-based discrimination on hair, specifically textures or styles associated with a particular race or national origin such as dreadlocks, afros and braids. CRACKED.COM

The Guardian 

Sloth bridges are helping the animals travel.

Rope bridges in Costa Rica are helping sloths survive deforestation. The special sloth bridges, which are basically a single string of rope between trees, help sloths get from tree to tree in urban areas and avoid having to come down to the ground, where they are vulnerable to predators and vehicles. CRACKED.COM


Medical debt won’t affect credit scores.

70% of medical debt will be removed from credit reports in three big agencies. 1278. LEWIN VALA PV PHT AMORE W A/11 UVE EFFS N now LOTTE MAR MBC CST NOV MU 01/15 INPUT TO DO و - BOHO Mo THAT EM -M RCL as -اره по + . в 7 x Y 6 Je 25460 3 2 1 . U - 1278.00 + O DOE ON + Beginning July 1, medical debt that has been paid after it was sent to collections will be removed from credit reports under Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Previously, that debt, even once paid


Minimum wage is now tied to inflation in B.C.

British Columbia officially ties minimum wage increases to inflation. UNITED STATES DERAL RESERVE SYSTE 80 OI ٠٥ FOR Many PRIVATE THIS NOTE ALL DEBTS. IS LEGAL PUBLIC H 764187 TENDER Treasurer of the United States 100 AND TEC SEN THE UNITED A STATES RAL RESERVE SYS 93 A FEDERAL RESERVE HC 3855374 C3 100 THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER Treasurer of the United States DOLLAS Anne Escobedo Cabral FOR ALL DEBTS. PUBLIC AND PRIVATO 100 Making their money go further, B.C. becomes the first province to raise their minimum wage with the rise of inflation. The $7.25 minimum wage in the U.S. had

Global News 

A Russian billionaire’s yacht is stranded in Norway.

No one will sell fuel for a Russian oligarch's superyacht, stranding it in Norway. Dilbar by The 223 foot yacht, owned by a former KGB agent who has long been linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin, is sitting at a quay in Narvik, a port city in northern Norway. A local fuel supplier suggested the crew row home. CRACKED.COM


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