15 Now-You-Know Facts That Rocked Us Like A Hurricane

If you’re going to Mars, wipe your feet.
15 Now-You-Know Facts That Rocked Us Like A Hurricane

It seems we're off to a rough start here at this year's edition of the FAFSA! But fear not my friend! The fun isn't over yet. We're going to be covering everything you need to know to get your taxes ready. It might sound scary but don't worry; we'll do it together. All you need is patience and to pay close attention. So grab some snacks and settle in tight, 'cause there's so much info I want you to remember!

Let me remind everyone why we do all this crazy tax stuff every year anyway. It is so the government can take money from your paycheck to help build roads and keep the country running. This may or may not make sense depending on who you are. Either way, it's what we've gotta deal with so if your goal is just to keep the IRS off your back, we got this covered!

Uhhh... wait, sorry, wrong article. Never mind. Here are some facts:

People kept trying to assassinate Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria survived eight assassination attempts over her 63 year reign. CRACKED.COM The first attempt, by Edward Oxford in 1840, happened just four months after her royal wedding with Prince Albert. The last attempt, in 1882, was by Roderick Maclean, who was beaten by umbrella wielding college boys.


Homeowners came back from vacation to find a stranger in their bed.

A home intruder fell asleep on someone's bed after BE cleaning their house. GRAGKED.COM Lukasz Chojnowski broke into a home while the owners were away on vacation and he cleaned up their house. The homeowners found him asleep in their bed when they returned from their trip.


As if the years couldn’t get any worse, a thousand year old demon is loose.

A boulder, said to have trapped the soul of an evil spirit, split apart by itself. CRACKED.COM According to Japanese mythology, the Killing Stone housed the spirit of an evil nine-tailed fox, who walked the earth in the body of Tamamo-no-Mae, a beautiful woman who attempted to kill Emperor Toba in the 1100s.


Benjamin Franklin used the pen name “Mrs. Silence Dogood.”

Benjamin Franklin wrote to his brother's newspaper as Mrs. Silence Dogood. CRACKED.COM Then-sixteen-year-old Benjamin Franklin wanted to make his debut as a journalist, choosing to slip his submissions under the door of the newspaper office using a pen name.


There is a way to guess your opponent's move in Rock-Paper-Scissors.

The psychology of Rock-Paper-Scissors can help you win more often. CRACKED.COM A group of Chinese universities carried out research into Rock-Paper-Scissors and its relation to decision-making. In multiple rounds, the best strategy is to play based on the other player's last move.

Psychology Today 

A weapon attachment lets you shoot around walls.

There is a gun attachment that allows you to fire around + corners. x CRACKED.COM The appropriately named CornerShot is an attachment that allows the user to remaining concealed/in cover and fire around corners. 27%

Guns and Ammo  

Aristocrats used to make their teeth black as a status symbol.

Rotten and decaying teeth were all the fashion in 1500s x England. CRACKED.COM Queen Elizabeth I used sugar and honey to brush her teeth, and many ambassadors to England commented on her yellow and rotting teeth. It became a symbol of wealth.

Dentistry Review

An intentionally complex coding language exists just to torture coders.

There is an intentionally complex coding language called Brainfuck. CRACKED.COM Brainfuck is a coding language invented in 1993 by Urban Müller with the sole intention of messing with coders. The goal of the language is to break down simple commands into micro-steps, for infinity.

The Outline

Machine algorithms go all the way back to 843.

The first machine algorithm was created in 1843. В CRACKED.COM Ada Lovelace, the daughter of poet Lord Byron, wrote the first algorithm created specifically for a machine, which sold at auction for $125,000 in 2018.

Live Science 

There are protocols in place to not infect other planets with Earth microbes.

NASA has a strict protocol to prevent contamination to and from Earth. CRACKED.COM The Outer Space Treaty challenges nations to explore other worlds so as to avoid their contamination and to not bring back any alien microbes from other worlds, or for us to infect the solar system with our own microbes.

The Verge 

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