15 Facts From Clowns' Creepy Pop-Culture History

They have been creeping us out for centuries.
15 Facts From Clowns' Creepy Pop-Culture History

Clowns. Love ‘em, hate ’em, have sex with them in a dingy alley and then forget to call them back because you want to put all of that behind you, clowns are here to stay! Hell, one even wanted to be the President. But we already had a clown President! Look, jokes! Making fun of the aristocracy, just like clowns have always been doing – when they’re not creeping every single person in the world out, that is. In truth, today's clowns have it a bit harder, working at birthdays, on the streets, doing Joker cosplay – it's hard out there for weirdos with pale skin, red hair, and huge noses. Which is why we feel bad for Dennis Leary.

We salute you weird kings with your awful seltzers, you terrible queens with your burlesque shows and/or red noses, you gender nonbinary jesters with your already complicated identity now being stuffed into overly large shoes and suspenders. We salute you, but from a distance, because you creep us just a little bit out.

Pagliacci, the original murder clown

All About Clowns CRACKED.COM Pagliacci Looking for murderous clowns? Try opera. Pagliacci is about an acting troupe led by a clown who kills his wife and the man cucking him.

Source: StageAgent

Sexual attraction to clown

All About Clowns  Come one, come all, clowns Fear of clowns is a standard fear. Coulrophilia, on the other hand, means you're sexually attracted to clowns. Some claim the silliness is a turn-on. Don't worry, there are so many OnlyFans out there for you.

Source: Kotaku

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