11 Ding-Dong Fad Diets That Have Been Rightfully Lost To Time

Do not try these at home...or anywhere for that matter.
11 Ding-Dong Fad Diets That Have Been Rightfully Lost To Time

Fad diets come and go, and sometimes it takes a distance of time to realize how ridiculous some dieting trends we got swept up in can be. 

While there’s money to be made, the weight loss industry will continue to hate the idea of people (especially women) taking up space. For as long as the beauty standards have dictated people ‘should’ be thin, people have been willing to go to wild lengths to fit within dangerous and, often unhealthy, unrealistic body shapes. Many weight loss trends parade as “health-oriented”, but these historic examples show us that it has always been about the money to be made from being told you need to dislike your body than caring about public health. If it were about health, a doctor would certainly have not recommended six cups of buttermilk a day… or any of these ten other pretty horrifying examples… We beg you not to get any ideas.

The Drinking Man's Diet

THE DRINKING MAN'S DIET In the 1960s, Robert Cameron self-published the best-selling diet book that, as long as you didn't have carbs, you could drink as much alcohol as you wanted. After all, drinking calories were good calories. CRACKED.COM

Source: Today

The Buttermilk Diet

THE BUTTERMILK DIET Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman (an actual doctor) wrote a diet book in 1967 called The Doctor's Quick Weight Loss Diet, which included a diet that consisted of only drinking six glasses of buttermilk a day. CRACKED.COM

Source: Today

The Grapefruit Diet

THE GRAPEFRUIT DIET Supposedly starting in the 1930s, the diet encourages you to eat one grapefruit before every low-carb meal. This is based on the (unfounded) belief that grapefruits can burn fat. CRACKED.COM

Source: Yahoo!

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