15 Neat Facts About Fashion, Geography, and The One US Capital Not Terrorized By Ronald McDonald

Their Subway is closed, too.
15 Neat Facts About Fashion, Geography, and The One US Capital Not Terrorized By Ronald McDonald

When you're traveling, do you ever ask yourself where in the world you are? Have you ever tried to determine if you were really somewhere on Earth, or maybe on another planet or plane of existence? Do you think that your location is important and worth paying attention to? Well, the answer to those questions is yes.

If you're anything like us, you might even enjoy learning things about different parts of the world and comparing them to each other. Maybe it's because the knowledge can help you while travelling (and avoid certain situations, like when someone invites you to their home for a beer only to show up later at your hotel with a gun). Or perhaps it's because knowing about other countries can help you understand the people and their unique culture.

Either way, let's dive right into our list of facts that might make your world seem a little more interesting.

Snakes have see-through eyelids.

Snakes almost always have their eyes closed. CRACKED.COM A snake's eyelids are very thin and transparent, allowing the snake to see even when its eyelids are closed, while still protecting the eye itself.

Source: NBC News 

Disney decided not to make Back To The Future.

Disney turned down the opportunity to make Back to the Future. CRACKED.COM Disney actually had first rights to Back to the Future but turned it down because they thought the trying to bone your future son element of the plot was too risque.

Source: Slashfilm

A pelican’s mouth is bigger than its stomach.

A pelican's beak can hold more food than its stomach. GRACKED COM When a pelican captures a fish, it also scoops up a large amount of water, more than the bird can stomach. When the water is dumped, the fish is gulped down.

Source: MentalFloss

A law from prohibition makes it illegal to sell pretzels in bags.

It is illegal to put pretzels in bags in Philadelphia. GRAGKED.COM This law was made during the prohibition, where pretzels were often sold in paper bags, and illegal alcohol accidentally found its way into the bag.

Source: Kap Law

Ol’ Blue Eyes was almost John McClane.

Frank Sinatra almost starred in Die Hard. CRACKED.COM Due to him starring in The Detective, based on the 1966 novel, Sinatra was the first choice to star in the adaptation of the sequel, Nothing Lasts Forever, which became Die Hard.

Source: Digital Spy 

The makeup budget on Dallas Buyers Club was about 00 Venti coffees at Starbucks.

Dallas Buyers Club had a makeup budget of just $250. CRACKED.COM The money had to be used to create skin rashes common in AIDS patients, and do the hair and makeup of every single cast member for the entire 28-day-production.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

The Lacoste crocodile was the first designer logo.

The first designer logo was the Lacoste crocodile. CRACKED CON René Lacoste was a tennis pro in the 1920's who wore an embroidered symbol in embrace of his nickname, The Crocodile.Once he retired, he started a company called La Chemise Lacoste.

Source: CNN 

There are two Portlands, but there was almost two Bostons.

Portland, OR was almost named Boston. CRACKED.COM When Portland, Oregon's two founders wanted to name the site after their hometowns of either Portland, Maine or Boston, Massachusetts, they decided to flip a coin.

Source: Boston Magazine 

Dasani is just repackaged tap water, wake up.

Dasani water is just purified tap water. DASANI TM CRACKED.COM Through a process called reverse osmosis filtration, Dasani purifies the tap water that they receive all across the world.

Source: The Guardian

The Ghostbusters were originally a lot less special.

The original Ghostbusters script was set in the future. START GRACKED.COM When it was first written, Ghostbusters were supposed to be like firefighters or police officers, a regular and everyday occurrence in society.

Source: Slashfilm

You can have a little bug in your food, as a treat.

It is legal for your food to contain some insect parts. CRACKED.COM Bugs are a natural byproduct of harvesting many foods, and a chocolate bar may contain anywhere between 20 to 40 insect parts.

Source:  CNN

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