15 Celebs That Were Discovered In Wild Ways

Many a Hollywood career started by blind luck (being hot helps, though).
15 Celebs That Were Discovered In Wild Ways

A lot of your favorite celebs started out just like you — working dead-end jobs, scrolling comedy sites on the toilet, hoping there’s a funny third thing here — and then, boom! Like a star falling up, they rose almost overnight to fame and stardom, and don’t we all want a little stardom… and money, mostly the money.

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous! Here are some of your favorite moneybag artist types and how they went from being the scum of the Earth to the cream of the crop. The TL;DR- Boy-howdy does being hot help. Apparently, screaming and yelling at people when you’re a hottie makes talent scouts swoon with possibility, and they’ll recommend you just off that. So, for any hot people reading this looking for their big break … go, uh, yell at some innocent bystander, we guess? Actually, no, that would be mean. We can’t endorse that. Probably don’t.

Walking down the street is enough sometimes

celebrities scouted in wild ways Angus cloud was just walking around. Walking down the street got Cloud cast as Fezco in Euphoria. Не was getting $7.50 an hour at Waffle House when a talent scout saw him on the street and just started asking him questions, before sending him to L.A. CRACKED.COM

Source: PopBuzz

Extra to trainer to actor

celebrities scouted in wild ways Danny Trejo was an extra and a trainer. Trejo took a job for 50 bucks and started working as an extra, before becoming a trainer and finally doing real full time acting. Or whatever he was doing in The Book of Boba Fett. CRACKED.COM

Source: USA Today

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