Shrek: 15 Facts About the Green Meanie

It took a long process for the Scottish ogre to become a true American icon.
Shrek: 15 Facts About the Green Meanie

In belated disrespect to the Irish and St. Paddy’s Day, we’re celebrating the true green icon of America, the Scottish giant, Shrek. Here’s hoping if we all kind of agree, we can make Shrek a St. Paddy’s Day character for next year, like leprechauns or drunk Bostonians.

As we all know, ogres are like onions – they have layers, and they can make us cry. And just as ogres like the green man himself have layers, so does the production behind the film. Many other actors were considered for the role before Mike Myers took it, from Chris Farley to Nic Cage (we can only imagine what a glorious film a Nic Cage led Shrek would have been). Then there’s the characterization of the, well, character. Initially, Shrek was a friendly chap, but thanks to Myers’ input, he was transformed into the grumpy frog monster who just wants his swamp left alone that we all know and love today. Here are some more fun facts about Shrek.

Nic Cage was almost Shrek

shrek Nicolas cage was considered to play shrek. That's right - Shrek was almost played by the greatest actor of all-time. CRACKED.COM

Source: WikiShrek

There’s a secret Shrek movie

shrek There's a secret fifth movie. The movie, which was only available at certain theme parks, tells the epic story of some random stuff that happened just after the first Shrek.

Source: IMDb

Shrek kinda means fright or fear

Shrek's name means fright or fear. Shrek comes from the German word Schreck, meaning fear.

Source: Wiktionary

Fiona was going to be born an ogre

shrek Fiona was originally born an ogre. Shrek's feelings for Fiona almost landed a bit differently, with her originally always being an ogre (that occasionally turns human).

Source: WikiShrek

Bill Murray was almost Shrek

shrek Bill Murray could have played shrek. Future Garfield Bill Murray was the first choice for Shrek, back in 1991.

Source: WikiShrek

Shrek was almost hand-drawn

shrek The movie was almost hand-drawn. At one point, Shrek was planned to be hand-drawn - 2D. Instead, it would go on to revolutionize the animated film industry forever.

Source: WikiShrek

Farquaad is based on Disney's head Michael Eisner

shrek Lord Farquaad is based on Michael Eisner. Farquaad is a digital version of Eisner, former head of Disney. Which explains the long lines and singing child puppets.

Source: The A.V. Club

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