15 Deleted Scenes That Would've Changed Everything

15 Deleted Scenes That Would've Changed Everything

The world as we know it is a winding path of events and probabilities. Everything changes with each decision we make, which causes endless ripples, and you end up with a swarming armada of butterflies. Each one is there flapping their tiny, little wings with every move you make, sometimes without you even realizing it's happening. And then sometimes the thing you do is simply killing off a main character, thereby changing everything forever. That is precisely the type of stuff that we are talking about here. The various deleted scenes exorcized from the bodies and souls of movies and TV shows that, if left in as originally planned, would have changed their stories and characters forever. 

From beloved television series to horrible science fiction movies to slightly less horrible science fiction movies, here are a few deleted scenes that – if they stayed had canon – would've changed the story forever.

Emperor Palpatine was revealed as Vader’s Father (from a certain point of view) in early drafts

Deleted scenes that would've changed everything star wars: Revenge of the sith Palpatine was Anakin's father. I am your father... from a certain point of view. Originally, Palpatine would have revealed he manipulated the Force to create Anakin, before turning him to the Dark Side.

Source: Deseret News

Peter Parker would’ve been known still as Spider-Man

Deleted scenes that would've changed everything spider-Man: NO way Home Peter Parker would still be known to be spider-Man. In this rumored alternate ending, Peter Parker's friends and enemies still know that he's the one (of three) and (not) only Amazing Spider-Man.

Source: Screen Geek

Hawkeye’s Kingpin had more scenes originally

Deleted scenes that would've changed everything Hawkeye There was more Kingpin. Fisk's other scenes would've helped confirm this is the same Kingpin from Daredevil, and fleshed out the main villain of the show.

Source: Inverse

April joined because she was late to sign up as an intern

Deleted scenes that would've changed everything Parks and Recreation April was too late. April Ludgate's entire reason for being on the show is only revealed... in a deleted scene. She was late to sign up for government internships because of her sister.

Source: WhatCulture

Pam's painting was nearly destroyed, which would have changed the ending

Deleted scenes that would've changed everything The office The end was almost different. One scene in an episode would've had Pam's painting be destroyed, despite the ending of the show featuring Pam's watercolor drawing of the office. Pam's Jenn Fisher fought against it until they changed the scene.

Source: Mashable

Newman had Larry David's voice (and almost a different face)

Deleted scenes that would've changed everything seinfeld Newman was Larry David. Newman' first few appearances were off-screen with David's voice, and even when deciding to put him on-screen they went with William Thomas Jr. - only to cut his scene after filming. Wayne Knight eventually re-recorded Newman's original lines.

Source: Showbiz CheatSheet

Robert Neville nearly lived in I Am Legend

Deleted scenes that would've changed everything I am Legend Neville almost lived. In the original ending, Will Smith's Legend gave the vampires back his captive vampire, and lived. Instead, he used some grenades on them.

Source: Screen Rant

The ending of The Haunting of Hill house was originally quite bleaker

Deleted scenes that would've changed everything The Haunting of Hill House The end was much bleaker. The series' ending is a sweet sad look at the children of Hill House living their lives, together and having moved on. But the original ending would've included a scene showing they were all still in The Red Room.

Source: Collider

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is paid for by stolen bank bonds in this deleted scene

Deleted scenes that would've changed everything Ferris Bueller's Day off Ferris Bueller was a thief. Ferris is a bit of a dick, but in the original cut of the film he was also a thief. Не stole his father's bank bonds to pay for the day out.

Source: Goat

One joke could’ve become bigger

Deleted scenes that would've changed everything Friends ROSS believes he created Die Hard. This joke staying in may not have changed the plot at all, but it would've inspired countless jokes about it.

Source: Digital Spy

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