15 Of The Weirdest Stories Ripped From The Headlines

If you or a loved one was baptized by Reverend Arango, you may be entitled to Holy compensation.
15 Of The Weirdest Stories Ripped From The Headlines

Imagine rocking up to the Pearly Gates, only for St. Peter to tell you that your baptism didn't count because the priest used the wrong pronoun. For an alarming number of people, this is not outside the realm of possibility. 

It could be worse, though – you could live in Florida, Tennesse, or Iowa, where the quintessential gamer fuel is about to come in an alcoholic variety.

Or you could be the 80-year-old who was kidnapped by a naked intruder (and who somehow used Wordle to escape??). Or the Indonesian man who almost Google Maps-ed himself into marrying the wrong person. OR the bartender who was robbed twice – once by an armed robber, and a second time by his own employer.

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on – even the guy who freaked out mid-flight and took a coffee pot to the dome, courtesy of a flight attendant – it’s this: at least we’re not MoviePass.

A cabin was burgled -- not the inside, the entire cabin.

WEIRD WORLD An entire cabin was stolen in Michigan. The 12' x 28'cabin was reported missing, presumed stolen, by the owners, who believe it was cabin-napped sometime between November and December. CRACKED.COM

Source: UPI

Hard Mountain Dew is finally here.

WEIRD WORLD Alcoholic Mountain Dew is about to be available in the states. MtnL DeM Florida, Tennessee and lowa are the first to get their hands on Hard MTN Dew, the spiked seltzer that contains 5% alcohol by volume. CRACKED.COM

Source: CL Tampa Bay

A missing Wordle update saves 80-year-old woman's life.

WEIRD WORLD A missing Wordle score helped end a hostage situation. 80-year-old Denyse Holt was held at scissor-point by a naked intruder, who was bleeding from climbing through a broken window. She was rescued from the 17-hour hostage ordeal when her daughter didn't get her daily Wordle score. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

U.S.-born skier has her pro-Chinese freedom message censored, in China.

WEIRD WORLD Skier who defended China's internet freedom has message censored. U.S.-born skier Eileen Gu, who competed in the Olympics as a member of the Chinese team, had the screenshot of her defending China's internet freedom censored on Weibo, China's second largest social media platform. CRACKED.COM

Source: Protocol

Google Maps sends groom to the wrong wedding.

WEIRD WORLD An Indonesian man almost married a stranger when Google Maps sent him to the wrong wedding. 617 NOLS railway station Hauz Khas Lake D 48 min 34 min 52 min 2 hr 38 39 min 42 min Nanayan Mande me - زار Pump And OK Gas Filling Station Humayu 48 min 39 min ORIGIN The man's family members luckily realized the mistake after talking with other guests, and left Ministry Diary 48 min (15 km) Limited usual the venue with their gifts in hand. CRACKED.COM

Source: News 18

MoviePass watches "Black Mirror," decides, "This is a good business strategy."

WEIRD WORLD MoviePass wants to track your eyeballs to force you to watch ads. The MoviePass 2.0 app is set to launch this summer, and will sustain itself using microcurrency and ads, which only play when your eyes are looking at the screen. CRACKED.COM

Source: TheGamer

Bartender is left with the tab after being robbed at gunpoint.

WEIRD WORLD A bartender in Las Vegas had to repay his boss after being robbed at gunpoint. Edward Parker was robbed at gunpoint, being told to kneel on the ground and put his hands behind his head, and then forced to repay his company the stolen money - totalling $3,937.35. CRACKED.COM

Source: NBC News

New Yorkers are having more, louder sex.

WEIRD WORLD There is an increase of complaints about noisy sex happening in NYC. 56 complaints were logged about hippies allegedly dressing up as Freddy Krueger, Pennywise and the Easter Bunny while engaging in group sexual activities. CRACKED.COM

SSource: The Guardian

Mayor is convinced ice fishing leads to prositution.

WEIRD WORLD Hudson Mayor suggests ice fishing in the city could lead to prostitution. Craig Shubert voiced concerns that allowing ice fishing at a park would bring prostitution to the city. Shubert claims this fear was a bit of dry humor which was grossly misunderstood. CRACKED.COM

SSource: Yahoo News

Flight attendant stops erratic passenger with coffee pot to the skull.

WEIRD WORLD A flight attendant hit a passenger with a coffee pot when they attempted to get into the cockpit. The erratic passenger attempted to open the cockpit door mid-flight, prompting other passengers to rush to subdue him. A flight attendant then struck him in the head with a coffee pot, drawing blood. CRACKED.COM

SSource: Live and Let's Fly

Time traveling Q-anon supporter is running for Secretary of State.

WEIRD WORLD A Q-anon supporter who believes she can time travel is running for Secretary of State. WHERE WE GO ONE ALL ORLM Terpsehore Maras wants to be Ohio's next Secretary of State, and promises to get rid of EVERY SINGLE ELECTION VOTING MACHINE, and that Humans will be paid to count the votes live on camera. CRACKED.COM

SSource: Vice

Flying spiders are coming, and nothing can stop them.

WEIRD WORLD Scientists warn of giant, parachuting spiders that will cover the entire East Coast. The invasive species, originally from Japan, has no predators, and nothing stopping its spread. The spiders travel using their webs like balloons, riding the wind. CRACKED.COM

SSource: CBS

One person took down North Korea's internet for weeks.

WEIRD WORLD A hacker took down the entire North Korean internet for a few weeks. An American hacker, identified only as Р4х, claims to be the person behind the attack against North Korean servers that took the entire country off the internet. CRACKED.COM

SSource: Forbes

A man pretended to be with the CIA and "trained" a woman for a year.

WEIRD WORLD An Oregon man duped a woman into thinking she was training to be a DEA agent for almost a year. DEA DEA DEL Robert Edward Golden impersonated a DEA agent, taking his trainee on night surveillance ride-alongs for a year. Не also kept a tactical vest affixed with DEA Police patches, and an AR-15 style rifle which turned out to be a BB CRACKED.COM gun.

SSource: Insider

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