Ok, fact warriors, come out and play! We've assembled another killer selection of interesting and intriguing facts to entertain and enlighten. Hopefully they come in handy, like if you need to trot out some arcane CIA knowledge - like about how they slipped Animal Farm over the Iron Curtain. You just never know when a nugget like that’ll come in handy.

Also, The Simpsons have been credited for predicting the future to an absurd degree (they've also been credited as being a danger to America), but most of that can be explained away by the fact that a series as long running as theirs, with a focus on skewering working class America, will eventually write a joke that becomes reality in the future. Things get a little more freaky when they predict the winning team of the Super Bowl multiple times, by dubbing over the same scene year after year. Read about this and more below:

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