Turns out that even the most glamorous of celebrities, those people who have practically infinite access to modern technology, sometimes prefer to go kind of Luddite. Whether they are giving up on computers, social media, specific apps, smart phones (or just phones in general), they have decided that hell no, those things aren’t for them and they don’t need them. Maybe their reasoning behind such abstentions should be a lesson for the rest of us down here. Maybe all those interviews and flashing cameras have made them unreasonable. Either way, it’s fascinating to see how the people we might expect to be the most plugged in of all of us have taken that step back and imposed restrictions which we couldn’t see ourselves imposing. So, reasonable or not, we still read their reasons and stroke our chins, thinking “huh, maybe they’re on to something there” and briefly consider following suit. But then we don’t. Because we’re not as cool as them.

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