Now’s your time to shine. You finally got invited to a gathering of your peers – a “party,” to the layperson. You’ve been preparing all week – catching up on a lifetime of sports to enhance your small talk, watching hours of roast battles so you can properly razz your host, upping your tolerance so you can drink 2 or 3 La Croix without getting sleepy.

Your first two attempts didn’t exactly go as planned. The first room didn’t care much about the controversial 1908 Olympic Tug of War championship. The second room just didn’t appreciate your tight five (maybe roasting the host's 3-year-old was a little over the line for this woke crowd). But here you are, at the precipice of a new room, and this time, you’ve got a foolproof plan. You’re bringing out the big guns: fun bits of knowledge. 5 minutes from now, you’ll be hailed as the smartest person is this whole dumb room. And it’s all because you read that one trivia list.

This is your moment. Go get ‘em, tiger.

In some states, you can actually run a red light totally legally. In stated with Dead red laws, anybody on a moped or motorcycle that doesn't trigger the traffic light's sensor (because the vehicle is too small) can run the light after waiting for a certain amount of time. CRACKED.COM


In Britain, there are so-called Thankful Villages throughout the country. These villages took no losses during WWI - everyone who lived there and went off to war came back once the fighting ended. CRACKED.COM


A guy in San Francisco deposited a junk mail check for $95,000, and got the money. 11109 69 001 F21001493 do - - - CREA 20 our - K9 07070880H 02 NETE - 5 CHOCOLAZE - OOL HOSSOLOLO BY OCTO BIGG #945847440P HB 49778478L 100 OF - HR 447784741 100 - - New And he built a whole weird career off of the event - as a motivational speaker (but he's also kind of a performance artist to boot - it's kind of hard to pin his act down). CRACKED.COM


Trash collection in NYC was run by the Italian mafia until the mid-'90s. They fixed prices regularly, with all the cruelty you could imagine that that entailed. CRACKED.COM


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