History! It's so full of fun and weird facts that most of them end up getting lost – the previously mentioned weird and fun ones anyway. We only ever really seem to remember the important ones and the sad ones. While that’s probably for the best in terms of learning, those who don’t learn history being doomed to repeat it and all, it would be really nice to have some fun tidbits sprinkled into the mix, right? To help make up for what a slog learning history can be otherwise? Well, we did our best to wrangle up some interesting, forgotten ones and put them somewhere that’s easy to read while you're in the bathroom or something. Yeah that’s right, we’re on to you, we know what you do doing your “conference calls” and your “idea times.” Not to worry, we won’t tell – just read on and enjoy, get some inspiration for something other than upgrading the ply of your toilet paper.

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