Ever since his meteoric rise to stardom after 1988’s Cocktail, the world just cannot get enough Tom Cruise. But little is known about the man, so we wanted to compile a list of facts to paint a clearer picture of the enigmatic star. For example, the same year he starred in Cocktail, he also starred in a charming indie flick Rain Man. What’s more, as an elder statesman of a small religious sect based in Los Angeles, Cruise claims to be able to heal people, Jedi-style, without touching them. Similarly, he’s claimed to have found the cure for depression (spoiler alert: it isn’t antidepressants). He also divorced all three of his ex-wives at the exact same age! The man has lived a life! Professionally, you can find him in dozens of rom coms, but you won’t find him in any video games – and there’s only been one action figure made in his likeness. Read on for more insight into the reclusive character.

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НЕ MEMORIZED SOUL TRAIN DANCE MOVES AS A KID SILV GRACKED COM After noticing other kids using their dance skills to attract ladies, Cruise set out to memorize the routines he saw on the Soul Train TV show. Maybe it's not strictly weird that he would do this, rather that it apparently worked on the 9 year old girls of Beacon Hill, Ottawa.

Source: IFC 


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