14 Random Facts To Remember Forever (or at Least for a While)

Will these facts change your outlook on life? There's only one way to know!
14 Random Facts To Remember Forever (or at Least for a While)

Did you know that Alexander the Great was inadvertently buried alive? Alexander is thought to have had Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a neurological condition. People believe he was only paralyzed and physically and psychologically aware when he died!

Similarly, ever heard Abraham Lincoln was a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame? By many of his roughly 300 contests, the 6'4" head of state had only one defeat. He established a reputation as an aristocracy fighter in New Salem for this.

When you study history lessons, it may appear that you are simply memorizing spontaneous facts and information about historical events. And while knowing the past is essential, uncovering a few odd history lessons makes learning even more enjoyable.

The below 14 amazingly weird history information and historical trivia are amongst the most interesting tidbits from the previous era, whether you're hoping to expand the history or become a whiz during your next random history facts trivia night.

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