Tell Us Now: 16 Stressful Shows & Movies That Are Weirdly Comforting

True crime should keep us up at night, but somehow it helps us sleep.
Tell Us Now: 16 Stressful Shows & Movies That Are Weirdly Comforting

We know that finding true crime comforting isn't unusual, so we wondered what other stressful TV shows and movies people may also find comforting. We asked Cracked readers, and here are 16 responses below. 


... TELL US NOW. X-FILES Anders N. finds the show soothing but can't really explain why, but it's so good, that makes it comforting. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. TWISTER Robert C. tells US, Years ago, whenever there was a tornado warning and we had to shelter in the basement, my sister and I would watch Twister, of all things. Somehow seeing a real threat as part of a fictional story made it seem less terrifying. CRACKED.COM

Twin Peaks

... TELL US NOW. TWIN PEAKS Danillo C. says, The best series of all time! It's dark, sad, scary and crazy weird... but it's funny, beautiful and has some jazz in the OST. Also a lot of pie, d**n good coffee, beautiful girls and our beloved Agent Cooper! CRACKED.COM

You're the Worst

... TELL US NOW. YOU'RE THE WORST Daryl H. says, You're the Worst is a very stressful, probably triggering show that I love. It has the best portrayal of depression and anxiety I've ever seen. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. SNATCH Jo F. says, Directed by Guy Ritchie and featuring a stellar cast from both sides of the Atlantic in a high-speed race to see who gets the 83 carat flawless diamond. It's my go-to having-a-bad-day movie, because no matter how awful my day has been, theirs was worse, and the final scene....well, let's just say 'You'll have to speak a little louder. Не can't hear you.' Works every time. CRACKED.COM

Law & Order: SVU

... TELL US NOW. LAW & ORDER: SVU Erica R. says, I actively yelled at the television screen every single time it says the lie 'In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous.' But it is really relaxing, because of how often there is a happy ending or a sense of justice or even just somebody else feeling outrage. CRACKED.COM

True Crime Shows

... TELL US NOW. TRUME CRIME SHOWS Mindy В. says, It stresses my mother out to know these horrible things really happened, but I love watching them unravel the case piece by piece! CRACKED.COM

Silence of the Lambs

... TELL US NOW. SILENCE OF THE LAMBS Erik L. shares, When my future wife and I were first dating, we went to see The Silence of the Lambs. We laughed our heads off all through that movie! 31 years later, and we're still together. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. SHAMELESS April H. says, I am rewatching Shameless. Somehow watching that crazy, messed-up family makes me feel better. CRACKED.COM

The Leftovers

... TELL US NOW. THE LEFTOVERS Ken S. says, A series about grief and how people cope with the sort of existential mystery of loss, a lot of people complained that it was dour, depressing, etc., but I always found it cathartic. It was very sad at times, but on the other side of that was a story about the solace we can find in connecting with other people. CRACKED.COM

Come and See

... TELL US NOW. COME AND SEE Liam M. says, When I'm feeling bad and at my most depressed, Soviet WW2 film Come and See - famously the most disturbing war film ever made - actually resets my frame of reference and helps realign my perception of what 'bad' is. CRACKED.COM

Jurassic Park

... TELL US NOW. JURASSIC PARK Daniel G. says, I was 8 when it came out. My dad took me to see it in theaters four times. Не passed back in '99, but I think of him every time I watch the movie. CRACKED.COM

A Scanner Darkly

... TELL US NOW. A SCANNER DARKLY Mickey H. says, It makes me feel less anxious once it's over, it's a very stressful film. CRACKED.COM

The Blacklist

... TELL US NOW. THE BLACKLIST Shawn S. says, The plot is infuriating at times, but Spader's monologues and voice are so calming and menacing. CRACKED.COM

The Amazing Race

... TELL US NOW. THE AMAZING RACE Kevin T. says, It is a form of escapism watching the contestants travel and do tasks, and also see the world even if we cannot leave the country. CRACKED.COM

The Birds

... TELL US NOW. THE BIRDS C.J.B. says, The cinematography sets up a tranquil mood, the cool color palette is soothing, and Suzanne Pleshette's voice is mesmerizing. CRACKED.COM
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