15 Memorable Roles (By People Who Hadn't Acted Before)

Stardom can be one of those "no experience necessary" jobs.
15 Memorable Roles (By People Who Hadn't Acted Before)

Some movies and TV shows leave an impression on you because of the plot. Others incorporate breathtaking scenery or heartfelt music. Sometimes it's the characters that draw the actors in. For better or worse, these people have left an indelible impact on our hearts and minds.

Actors have had illustrious careers and have had a tremendous cultural impact by playing specific roles. We looked at the well-known movie and television characters, identified their most iconic roles, and then assessed them using Ard Gelinck's excellent work. But there are several more who have never acted before…

Getting your big break in show business usually involves a lot of hard work, patience, and taking any acting job you can find in the hopes of catching the attention of a big-shot producer. It's also possible that you'll be cast in a major part without ever having acted before. And, believe it or not, the outcomes can be wonderful, even fantastic — or at the very least memorable. Take a look at these examples.

Cameron Diaz as Tina Carlyle

Big Actors Who Had Never Acted Before CAMERON DIAZ in The Mask Diaz was a model, not an actress - but then again, they were looking specifically for a model for the role of Tina Carlyle, and Diaz quickly won over director Chuck Russell. Some dancing and acting lessons later, she was ready.

Source: Variety

Oprah Winfrey as Sofia

Big Actors Who Had Never Acted Before OPRAH WINFREY in The Color Purple In the early '80s, before Oprah fully became Oprah, she hosted a TV show in Chicago-which is where The Color Purple's producer Quincy Jones saw her, and arranged for her to audition.

Source: Collider

George Lazenby as James Bond

Big Actors Who Had Never Acted Before GEORGE LAZENBY in On Her Majesty's Secret Service Not exactly the most memorable James Bond, but he was James Bond, which most actors can't say - and he landed the part after being only in commercials.

Source: Express

Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez

Big Actors Who Had Never Acted Before ALAQUA COX in Hawkeye Cox (a deaf Native American, like her character Echo) was a favorite all through the long audition process- and ended up landing the role and a spin-off focused on her, despite having no acting experience-

Source: CBR

Yalitza Aparicio as Cleo

Big Actors Who Had Never Acted Before YALITZA APARICIO in Roma Going from aspiring schoolteacher to getting an Oscar nomination in a short time is quite a break-which happened because Aparicio's sister kind of tricked her into auditioning for Alfonso Cuarón's movie.

Source: E! Online

Lenval Brown as the Narrator

Big Actors Who Had Never Acted Before LENVAL BROWN in Disco Elysium Brown, a rapper, was hired to lend his deep voice to the game's narrator on the strength of a recording he made with his phone.

Source: PC Gamer

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