13 Famous Actors That Almost Quit Acting At One Point

13 Famous Actors That Almost Quit Acting At One Point

Humans all have to start somewhere in life. That was not unusual for Hollywood's biggest performers. Undoubtedly, they would like to begin their professions as the starring man (or lady) in a major picture; however, that doesn't happen often. As a reason, they must accept little roles to gain the trust of important filmmakers and studio executives. In most cases, though, such roles can be humiliating in retrospect.

Though those are not usually the first parts for these enormous actors, they used them as a vehicle to launch their reputations when there was nothing else accessible. While we're confident some of these actors aren't bitter or ashamed of their early jobs, they're certainly not ones that would measure progress.

No one becomes a Hollywood star overnight. There are many people who have contributed to their success. This article will highlight some of the early work and experiences of several Hollywood stars. It is interesting to see how they started in their careers and where it has taken them.

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown got turned down by Game of Thrones once. And it nearly drove her to stop acting. I was auditioning for commercials, for anything really. I then auditioned for Game of Thrones and I got a 'no' for that and then that was when I was like, Oh, this is really difficult.' ... but getting Stranger Things gave her that hope of doing it all again.OM


Daisy Ridley

If it wasn't for The Force Awakens, Daisy Ridley probably wouldn't be in showbiz. CON COMIC John Bayega At the beginning she was claiming she was almost done with acting-she'd been working at a pub, JJ Abrams said once. CRACKED.COM


Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper nearly stopped being an actor, but Paul Thomas Anderson changed that. The reason that I didn't give up acting is Paul Thomas Anderson. When he called me to, maybe, be in his movie, Mahershala, I mean really, I think I'd open up a door in his movie. I'd do anything. CRACKED.COM


Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Ventimiglia almost quit Hollywood not just once, but three times. C ALEY y ER I was going to go be an auto mechanic. In Southern California there's this auto school and it's advertised 'Everybody needs mechanics, because they need those cars fixed. CRACKED.COM


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