The universe is truly an endless cornucopia of surprises. And a lot of times, those surprises slip right by us. But not these times. No, these were the times we were able to ensnare the little buggers, for you, our intrepid readership. 

So belly up to the bar for tales of gorillas and Shaq, a ‘ringing’ (or is it ‘stinging’?) endorsement of the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson by his own PR Chief, an ill-advised chocolate milk ban, and so much more. How much more?

So much more you won't be able to contain yourself, we predict. You won't be shouting these babies from the rooftops, but we bet two or three make it into your anecdotal lexicon, you know for those times in conversation when you really, really need to say something interesting. This is what we're here for, so we'll leave you to it, we have to go check the snares.

WEIRD WORLD lowa Republicans want to bring cameras into the classroom-to watch teachers. According to one IA Republican, Similar to a body camera on a policeman, a camera takes away the 'he said, she said' or 'he said,' 'type argument and lets them know 'hey, we are doing a good job.' It takes that CRACKED.COM argument away.


WEIRD WORLD The parents of the accused Michigan school shooter got in trouble at court. They kept making weird gestures to each other, so a prosecutor had to step in and say The courtroom is not a place for blowing kisses and sending secret signals. CRACKED.COM


WEIRD WORLD In Rotterdam, they'll take apart a 19th-century bridge to let Jeff Bezos' yacht through. The yacht was constructed in a local shipyard, and the masts were too tall for the yacht to go under the bridge, so the only solution was to take the bridge apart and then put it back after the yacht passes under it. CRACKED.COM


WEIRD WORLD Turns out, gorillas kinda go nuts whenever they see Shaquille O'Neal. That was his claim, and it was backed up by an exec of Zoo Miami, too. CRACKED.COM


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