12 Same-Age Famous People (To Put History In Perspective)

Anne Frank would be Barbara Walters' age.
12 Same-Age Famous People (To Put History In Perspective)

Once someone becomes a historical figure, it's easy to just slot them in “the past” instead of realizing how recently some famous people lived. So here are 12 historical figures, paired with someone of the same age who somehow seems more modern.

Anne Frank and Barbara Walters

ANNE FRANK AND BARBARA WALTERS WERE BORN IN 1929 The atrocities of the Holocaust aren't as far removed in history as we'd like to believe. Anne Frank could and should still be alive today. CRACKED.COM

Amy Winehouse and Andrew Garfield

AMY WINEHOUSE WAS THE SAME AGE AS ANDREW GARFIELD Amy Winehouse tragically died at 27, but it's still wild to think she would still be as young as the Spider-Man actor. CRACKED.COM

Freddie Mercury and Dolly Parton

FREDDIE MERCURY AND DOLLY PARTON WERE BORN IN THE SAME YEAR The two music legends share a birth year, but the Queen frontman died from complications of AIDS too young at 45-years-old. CRACKED.COM

John Lennon and Patrick Stewart

JOHN LENNON AND PATRICK STEWART WERE BORN IN THE SAME YEAR Lennon died over 40 years ago. If he hadn't been murdered he might still be working, like his contemporary Patrick Stewart. CRACKED.COM

Princess Diana and Obama

PRINCESS DI WAS BORN IN THE SAME YEAR AS OBAMA Even though Obama became President at the young age of 47, Princess Diana just 20 when she was married and 36 when she died. CRACKED.COM

Salvador Dali and Cary Grant

SALVADOR DALÍ AND CARY GRANT WERE THE SAME AGE The eccentric artist and the movie star were born in 1904. The surrealist died in 1989. CRACKED.COM

The Queen and Marilyn Monroe

THE QUEEN AND MARILYN MONROE WERE BORN THE SAME YEAR. The two met when they were both 30 years old in 1956. CRACKED.COM

Betty White was MLK's senior

BETTY WHITE WAS OLDER THAN MARTIN LUTHER KING. Betty White was 7 years older than the celebrated activist who was assassinated and considered an enemy of the state by the FBI. CRACKED.COM

Source: NPR

Emmett Till and Martha Stewart

EMMETT TILL WOULD BE THE SAME AGE AS MARTHA STEWART Emmett Till's murder may seem like generations ago but he was only born in 1941, the same year as Martha Stewart and Bernie Sanders. CRACKED.COM

Aaliyah and Kourtney Kardashian

AALIYAH WOULD HAVE BEEN KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN'S AGE. The R&B super star tragically died when she was 22 years old. CRACKED.COM

Ruby Bridges and Denzel Washington

RUBY BRIDGES IS THE SAME AGE AS DENZEL WASHINGTON. The first Black child to desegregate an all-white school in Louisiana is still an activist today. CRACKED.COM

Biggie and Eminem

BIGGIE WOULD BE THE SAME AGE AS EMINEM. Biggie was killed when he was only 24. Tupac would have been only a year old than both of them. CRACKED.COM


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