Science, luckily, doesn't wait for each of us to learn everything to progress. Here's a round-up of recent scientific discoveries, without the scientific jargon to weigh down your busy brain. 

A newly discovered tarantula-killing worm was named after Jeff Daniels

A newly discovered tarantula-killing worm was named after Jeff Daniels The parasite Tarantobelus jeffdanielsi (named for Daniels' role in Arachnophobia) was discovered after a wholesale tarantula breeder was worried about an infection affecting his tarantulas. CRACKED.COM

Source: CNN

Early humans put a fire in the optimal place

Early humans practiced interior design A new study shows that humans who lived 170,000 years ago placed the fire in the optimal place for utility and to avoid smoke, which shows high cognitive abilities. CRACKED.COM

Source: ScienceDaily

Siri and Alexa don't make kids bossier

Don't worry: Siri and Alexa don't make kids bossier Researchers discovered children were sensitive to the context of bossing around a robot versus another human. CRACKED.COM

Source: IDC

Loan applications are more likely to be denied midday

Loan applications are more likely to be denied midday Bank credit officers face decision fatigue by midday. So, if you're looking to get a loan approved, make sure you visit earlier or later in the day. CRACKED.COM

Source: ScienceDaily

Chimps are more like humans than we previously thought

Chimps learn how behaviors from each other Researchers show that chimps learned how to crack nuts with tools by watching others. This shows, that like humans, they have a cumulative culture. CRACKED.COM

Source: ScienceDirect

All-female colonies of termites can clone themselves

There's colonies of all-female termites in Japan These termites can clone themselves, which results in twice as fast of reproduction. Bad news for homeowners in Japan. CRACKED.COM

Source: ScienceDaily

Killer whales attack blue whales

Killer whales hunt blue whales Scientists have discovered multiple instances of killer whales coordinating a hunt and kill of blue whales, despite being the world's largest animal. CRACKED.COM

Source: Flinders University

An estimated 9,200 trees haven't been discovered

There's 9,200 tree species yet to be discovered A new study estimates there are 73,000 tree species on Earth, but there are still many potentional rare, undiscovered species that are threatened by climate change and deforestation. CRACKED.COM

Source: ScienceDaily

Large moons may be key to life

Large moons may help us find habitable planets The Earth's moon is unusually large, and the size of other planet's moon may be key in helping us find other Earth-like planets. CRACKED.COM

Source: Nature

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