You’re probably at least passingly familiar with the principles of homeopathic medicine -- if a chainsaw chops your arm off, dissolve a microscopic bit of chainsaw in a pool of water to grow your arm back. What? We’re exaggerating, you say? We don’t think you’ll be so sure about that after you’ve seen these. They’re all real and come from actual, practicing homeopaths.

Hekla Lava

Wild Homeopathic Medicines Icelandic volcano lava will ease your toothache. Since homeopathy is based on the like cures like principle, does this mean that pure lava from the Hekla volcano causes toothache? We can only imagine an Icelander yelling, MY TEETH HURT so MUCH! just before being burned to a crisp.

Source: Pureformulas


Wild Homeopathic Medicines VACUUM vacuum is on the cutting edge of homeopathic research. How the hell do you dilute vacuum in a liquid? Well, it's easy, according to homeopath Nuala Eising - you just fill a bottle with alcohol, and then vacuum seal it. There! Now you have the primeval void of the universe dissolved in the alcohol, ready to conduct homeo-research on.

Source: Homeoresearch

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