20 Times Truth Was Stranger Than Fiction

The Rolling Stones were NOT happy with Ed Sullivan
20 Times Truth Was Stranger Than Fiction

If you’ve ever found yourself digesting new information so strange that it makes you wonder “am I in a simulation?,” fret not, you’re not alone. There are times in life where the things we experience are so bizarre we think that the only logical conclusion is that they were imagined. But lo and behold these little oddities are very much real.

Did you know that a nuclear bomb was once used to put out a gas fire? You probably didn’t because it sounds made-up. No one in their right mind would fight fire with fire. And yet, Soviet Russia did so for many years and did so rather successfully. You probably also didn’t know about these strange facts like the Japanese dish that snuck its way into The Matrix’s iconic green source code or the $3 bowl that was resold well over purchase price (spoiler alert: it was in the millions).

So after reading the list of 20 mind-bending facts below just remember, this is not a simulation…

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