28 Factoids That Will Win You At Least One Bet

Fun fact: you technically have fish teeth...
28 Factoids That Will Win You At Least One Bet

If there was one thing in this messed up world we thought we could count on – a single immutable fact, one bedrock certitude that would remain unchanged and unchallenged across time and space – we thought we could say, with complete confidence, that the big goofy bird on Sesame Street is named Big Bird.

Oh, how wrong we were.

The hard truth is that, in other countries, Big Bird's “cousins” are the ones teaching children how to read, and rhyme, and respect their elders. In fact, there's an entire avian army of hulking goofballs, with different names, even different colors! 

We know this is a hard pill to swallow. We just wanted you to hear it from us. 

Read on to find out the names and hues of these pastel pretenders – and a couple dozen more life-altering factoids.

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