13 Movie & General Now-You-Know Facts To Rev Up Your Gray Matter

13 Movie & General Now-You-Know Facts To Rev Up Your Gray Matter

If you somehow guessed that mammals got their teeth from fish scales, we’d be truly impressed  by that brilliant yet incomprehensible thought process. Because, it turns out, that’s 100% right. Here are more details on that and another 12 stories:

In 2011, a Japanese hospital admin gave his life to help his co-workers survive a tsunami. IyaKO When the tsunami hit, Shigeru Yokosawa ran back into the building and got a satellite phone, then threw it to a co-worker with seconds to spare. That gave the survivors a way to

Source: CNN

In 1899, French president Felix Faure died while having sex with his mistress in his drawing room. Newspapers at the time wrote things like Felix Faure passed away in good health, indeed from the excess of good health. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: RFI

There's a 4-hour cut of both Kill Bill movies that you might never get to see. It's called Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair, and it combines the two volumes and adds new scenes. Tarantino screened it at Cannes and at his theater, the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles,

Source: SlashFilm

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