Have you ever been in conversational ice so thick you thought you'd need an industrial drill just to get through it? Believe us, we know. That's why we mostly stay indoors making listicles. The fact is though, sometimes you HAVE to venture out. When you do? It's best to be armed with some FASCINATING TID BITS to help shatter any conversational glaciers you encounter.

Have trouble striking up conversations with strangers sometimes? Yes? Well, if you know at least one thing they're into, and you know a fact or two about that, you've got a start. Here are 13 diverse facts to help you.

For example, did you know in the old days in Korea, eye glasses were actually a symbol of high status? Wearing them in front of social superiors was actually seen as an insult.

So don't just stand there, your next opportunity for witty repartee could be right around the corner! Scroll on down…


In Japan, there are mushrooms that glow green during certain months. They're called Shiinotomoshibitake, and they grow on Mount Yokogura. Between late May and early July, they emit a faint green glow - and they only do so during that part of the year. CRACKED.COM


The piano in Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird wasn't composed by the band. It was by one of their roadies, Billy Powell, who then became part of the band right on the spot. CRACKED.COM


The oldest graffiti in Pompeii is, sadly, pretty underwhelming as graffiti go. It just says Gaius Pumidius Diphilus was here, and there's a timestamps that dates to what we would now call October 3, 78 ВСЕ. CRACKED.COM


Apparently, seeing greenery from your hospital window really helps. A study that compared patients who had views of brick walls, and views of trees, found that those with views of trees did better in many ways. CRACKED.COM


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