13 Pieces Of Surprising Advice From Iconic Comedians

Sometimes, advice from elders is truly baffling.
13 Pieces Of Surprising Advice From Iconic Comedians

Comedians have opinions on a lot of stuff. That's kind of their job. Unfortunately, the other part of their job is to (literally) never be taken seriously. That's a shame because sometimes comics have legitimate gems of wisdom to drop. Of course, these insights often extend well beyond just delivering solid punchlines on stage, they also involve larger aspects of life as well.

Sure, comedy is a field where you gotta have left-field insights to make it ... and apparently, that extends to career and general creative advice, too.

For example, Gary Gulman advises on the importance of writing and working outside. Bo Burnham has the self awareness and humility to advise young comedians to not take advice from people like him who have simply “gotten very lucky”. Whitney Cummings gives sobering advice about the importance of sheer, raw discipline for young writers.

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