13 Pieces Of Surprising Advice From Iconic Comedians

13 Pieces Of Surprising Advice From Iconic Comedians

Comedians have opinions on a lot of stuff. That's kind of their job. Unfortunately, the other part of their job is to (literally) never be taken seriously. That's a shame because sometimes comics have legitimate gems of wisdom to drop. Of course, these insights often extend well beyond just delivering solid punchlines on stage, they also involve larger aspects of life as well.

Sure, comedy is a field where you gotta have left-field insights to make it ... and apparently, that extends to career and general creative advice, too.

For example, Gary Gulman advises on the importance of writing and working outside. Bo Burnham has the self awareness and humility to advise young comedians to not take advice from people like him who have simply “gotten very lucky”. Whitney Cummings gives sobering advice about the importance of sheer, raw discipline for young writers.

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COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM WHITNEY CUMMINGS REALLY EMPHASIZES THE IMPORTANCE OF DISCIPLINE. When she got asked about how to focus long enough to write comedy, she said, The trick is insane discipline. If you need to, schedule out time and make it happen. Stare at a blank screen if you have to.



COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM LEGENDARY SIMPSONS WRITER JOHN SWARTZWELDER HAS AN ODD WRITING TIP. Не first writes a super-simple, crappy version of a script, as fast as possible, then goes back and puts in jokes. So I've taken a very hard job, writing, and turned it into an easy one, rewriting, overnight, he says.



COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM CHARLIE MURPHY GAVE JAY PHAROAH SOME FAIRLY UNEXPECTED ADVICE. THE MAKING OF CHARLI G OF A STAND-UP G IE MURPB Не said Don't be afraid to try shit, and always bring God with you onstage. Without you wouldn't be here, and when you get onstage, carry him with you, because you can't do the performance without God.



COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM BOB ODENKIRK HAS SOME AGAINST-THE-GRAIN COMEDY WRITING ADVICE. Don't ever look at what's happening now; look at what's coming next, he said when asked about advice for writers who want to learn how to write story.



COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM JIM NORTON THINKS THAT DOING COMEDY WON'T HELP IF, SAY, YOU'RE DEPRESSED. al Channels Coast to Cozst % Commercial-Free Mus MUS In fact, he says, you should realize that doing comedy is only going to make your depression worse. You'll walk up onstage, the crowd won't like you, you'll go home, you'll be suicidal, you'll get addicted to it, and you'll make it a lifestyle.



COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM SAMANTHA BEE THINKS THAT YOU SHOULD WRITE COMEDY FOR AN AUDIENCE OF ONE. My advice is that you should write for yourself. If nobody's giving you parts, you write one for yourself and you perform it and you see if the world likes it, she explained.



COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM MARC MARON SAYS YOU SHOULDN'T BOTHER WITH ANY KIND OF EDUCATION. Well, for comedy, anyway - - he says that you just have to do it. There's no schooling; the's no anything. Find a place where you can get on stage and do it.



COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM DAVE CHAPPELLE DOESN'T THINK YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO BE FUNNY ON-STAGE. Chappelle got this advice from an unnamed comedian, who told him: You are one of those comedians who think you have to be funny all the time. You don't. But, you have to be interesting all the time.



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