13 Prices We Didn't Know We Wanted To Know

Some say it's gauche to talk about money, but they must not have seen these prices...
13 Prices We Didn't Know We Wanted To Know

Being wealthy must be enjoyable, but we have no way of knowing. People put in a lot of effort to make a living. They do a variety of jobs to earn money; however, some, like our favorite people, certainly have enough of it. Celebrities are known for living larger-than-life lifestyles and purchasing exorbitantly expensive items. However, some celebrities go far and purchase items that make us wonder about their sanity. A lot of famous people waste their money on meaningless items ranging from overpriced old fossils to millions of dollars in humidifiers. Listen, no one likes being way too dry.

Consider some examples of folks who went crazy with their shopping trips and purchased outrageous items at even more ludicrous prices.

Some say it's impolite to discuss money, but those individuals obviously had no idea how much Marilyn Monroe's outfit sold for at auction because that sum is fascinating. Here are 13 numbers you didn't realize you were curious about...

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The most expensive taco costs $25,000 For the price of a car, you can get a gold-infused corn tortilla with kobe beef, lobster, black truffle Brie, Beluga caviar, and some more gold for good measure. CRACKED.COM

Source: CNBC

A sunk cost of $100,000

In today's dollars, tickets on the Titanic cost between $350 to $100,000 First-class accommodations included private baths, telephones, heaters, and wardrobe rooms. CRACKED.COM

Source: dummies

$378.5 million, even when adjusted for inflation

The most expensive movie ever made cost $378.5 million The record goes to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It made over $1 billion at the box office, so not a bad investment. CRACKED.COM

Source: Forbes

$9, less than a dollar a minute

The first TV commercial cost $9 Academy Award 3 21 JEWELS 10 , 8 11121 7 TULGY 65 2 4 $5750 In 1941, Bulova watch company aired the first TV ad between baseball games. The commercial was 10-seconds long. CRACKED.COM

Source: Mashable

The most ironic $6 you can spend

It costs $6 to visit Karl Marx's grave The writer of The Communist Manifesto might be rolling in his grave to learn he's buried on private property that charges visitors a fee. CRACKED.COM

Source: WSJ

How to save $10,000,000s

It's tens of millions of dollars cheaper to give a life sentence than to execute someone. MISSISSIPPI STATE PENITENTIARY It's ten times more expensive to kill someone than imprison them, due to legal fees and appeals. CRACKED.COM

Source: NBC News

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