15 Famous Actresses Who Dated Jerry On 'Seinfeld'

There were around 73 in total
15 Famous Actresses Who Dated Jerry On 'Seinfeld'

Seinfeld is a legendary show and for good reason. It broke a lot of the stale molds and tropes of contemporary situational comedies on television and introduced smart, fast paced writing and a show centered around a vaguely annoying know it all named Jerry Seinfeld.

One of the curious aspects of the show was just how many women Jerry ends up dating over the course of the show. 

The fact is, Jerry has always been a lady's man. Over the course of the show, he dated or slept with around 73 women. Out of those 73, here are 15 actors who have since made a name for themselves, outside of “that one girl who was on Seinfeld.”

For example, Anna Gunn (who you probably know as Walt's wife on Breaking Bad) appears in the season 5 Seinfeld episode ‘The Glasses’. Ironically, in the episode they end up breaking up after Jerry suspects her of cheating.

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