Cracked VS: NFTs Vs. Pogs

One is a cheap commodity sold to children before their brains fully develop, the other is Pogs.
Cracked VS: NFTs Vs. Pogs

It's hard to say what will stick and what will fade into obscurity, but that's half the fun of trends. We get swept up in the craze of the moment and then often look back with a mix of nostalgia and embarrassment. Remember Pogs? Those little cardboard discs were all the rage in the early 1990s, but now they're largely forgotten. In contrast, some trends have more staying power. For example, Pokemon cards are still popular, even though they've been around for over two decades. So what makes a trend stick? It could be the appeal of nostalgia, or it might be the strength of the underlying IP. Or maybe it's just pure luck. Time will tell if NFTs are here to stay or if they'll end up being a flash in the pan. But one thing is for sure: we'll always remember where we were when we first heard about them.

Does every generation have their flash-in-the-pan craze that takes over the zeitgeist, but are all trends created equally? Will NFTs have a legacy as potent in the minds of today's crypto-bros as Pogs were, probably to those same bros? These are questions we will not be answering today.

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CRACKED VS 87 POPULAR WITH Know NFTS POGS - - CRACKED.COM Tech bros, Children scammers, and born celebrities about to discover how between quickly a fan 1985 and base can turn on you. 1990. are as
CRACKED VS 87 CULTURAL IMPACT Know NFTS POGS MAGE CRACKED.COM Started off as a way A passing fad for digital artists to that didn't have monetize an easily pirated media, the enduring quickly being overrun by qualities of corporations and Pokemon cards. lazy, randomly generated art. WELLS
CRACKED VS 82 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTLOW NFTS POGS VBIT ATE BART NIMPRON KRUSTY WH CLOWN CHOH . CHOCOLATE SKULL 8 CRACKED.COM in Made from Energy used validating paper, most blockchain pogs are transactions recyclable and could keep the lights on in a are non toxic. small country.
CRACKED VS 87 VALUE Know NFTS POGS CRACKED.COM Fluctuates and is A pog purely subjective, mostly based on costs how much a handful of people want to what a 258 inflate the price so they can sell it back pog costs. for a profit. Run
CRACKED VS 87 OWNERSHIP Know NFTS POGS CRACKED.COM You don't actually Pogs are a have the art in your physical object hand, you just own that you can hold a receipt on the in your block chain and get possession, which exist in the real to look at your NFT the same way world, and bring happiness. everyone else does.
CRACKED VS 87 VARIETY know NFTS POGS BAHB CRACKED.COM Out of all the All your favorite shows, movies, many forms of art and expression, cartoon for some reason characters, NFTs have settled bands, comic book heroes, or on stupid and ugly looking just sick-as-shit designs. cartoon apes.
CRACKED VS 87 CONTROVERSY I BIGGEST NFTS POGS Stan Lee @TheRealStantee From championing diversity to embracing new tech, Stan was 1 step ahead of the curve. To honor his innovative spirit, Stan's 1st Indian hero, Chakra The Invincible, debuts in his own NET (digital art) collection from 7:30pm PT 12/27-12pm PT 12/29! Sign up: GRACKED.COM The face of the Stan Lee's Twitch emote Twitter was PogChamp was replaced with a lizard used to shill after the individual, pog enthusiast Ryan superhero NFTs Gootecks Gutierrez, encouraged violence years after his after the January 6th death. insurrection on the US Capitol.
CRACKED VS 87 SLAMMERS now NFTS POGS TM AND 1994 SABAN MORPHIN 1941 POWER DISC ll ٤٤٤٠ WPF TM CRACKED.COM Slam your head Wipe the smug against the wall look off Connor's when you find out face when you the webpage decimate his hosting your NFT stack with a hefty is gone, just like Power Rangers your wife and Slammer. kids. can WHL8
CRACKED VS 87 RARITY know NFTS POGS NO FEAR CRACKED.COM Very few No Fear These are just jpgs, pogs were produced, are we missing making them an something? We actual commodity and thus having feel like we're tangible worth - taking crazy pills. meaning a No Fear It's a drawing of a pog is infinitely more valuable than a badly chimp for crying drawn ape worth out loud. millions of dollars. Run os
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