31 Fascinating Tidbits About Planet Earth

Our planet is both incredibly beautiful and extremely weird
31 Fascinating Tidbits About Planet Earth

Planet Earth is a fascinatingly weird place. Every day we learn something new about life on this floating ball in space that blows our minds. Much of what we know about the very planet we inhabit has been told to us through the soothing voices of David Attenborough, Patrick Stewart and James Earl Jones. But a docuseries with stunning footage of some of the world’s most renowned natural wonders can only take you so far. 

Whether you’re genuinely curious to learn more about Mother Nature or just need a fun fact for your next date, we’re here to help. We’ve got a mosquito species that only exists within the confines of one of the world’s most iconic public subway systems, a pyramid system that is not actually “in the middle of the desert” and a staggering amount of debris covering Earth’s orbit.

Here are 31 facts about our planet you probably didn’t know…

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