27 Things Which Only Exist In One Place

The good news is, it’s theoretically possible to see this stuff.
27 Things Which Only Exist In One Place

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The world is getting smaller, and thanks to the internet it's pretty easy to get your hands on anything, no matter where you are. But there are a few holdouts. Some naturally-occuring things can still only be found in one small, specific spot.

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Venus flytraps naturally grow only on the coasts of North and South Carolina. CRACKED COM
The Malabar giant squirrel is unlike the rodents you usually see in your backyard, and they can only be found in India. They can grow up to 36 inches
The African penguin lives on Africa's southern coast and nearby islands. They're nicknamed jackass penguins, because they make noises just like donkey
In the wild, the SATANIC LEAF TAILED GECKO can be found only on the island of Madagascar. Well, that's where you have to look, anyway. Once there, goo
CRACKED COM SAILING STONES are a mysterious natural phenomenon found only on dry lakebeds in California and Nevada. Rocks appear to move by themselves
CRACKEDCON DALLOL, ETHIOPIA is the only place on Earth where colorful acid pools come from inorganic oxidation (as opposed to bacteria or other life).
The Golden Rocket Frog (Anomaloglossus beebei) has only ever been spotted in a single mountainous area of a Guyana rainforest. It lives inside bromeli
Macaulayite is a red mineral found in a small corner in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and possibly on the whole surface of Mars. The mineral forms when gran
The New Guinea Singing Dog, known for its unique vocalization is native to the highlands in New Guinea.. With their natural population dwindling, thes
Living Emoji? The Happy Face Spider is Found Only in Hawaii : CRACKED COM
Many of Hawaii's native caterpillars have evolved to become carnivorous. They camouflage themselves as leaves or twigs and then use their pincers to g
Western Underground Orchid, found uniquely in Western Australia, lives and blooms underground. This rare subterranean species has no green parts and l
The marine iguana is the only ocean ocean-going lizard on the planet. It can hold its breath under water for up to 60 minutes. These unique creatures
This is Nepenthes attenboroughii, a plant that eats rodents. They only live on the top of a single mountain in the Philippines (luckily), and their ap
Thorny Devil Lizard The Thorny Devil Lizard has the ability to absorb water from its scales on any part of its body. It presents a false head on the b
The long-tailed slug (Ibycus rachelae), also known as the 'ninja slug, can only be found in Borneo. How is it a ninja, you ask? Because to reproduce
These fluffy looking shrubs are aptly named Vegetable Sheep, since they could be easily be mistaken for a flock of sheep from a distance. They are onl
Fingerite is one of the rarest of all minerals. A vanadium/ copper compound, it's only been found on the slopes of a single mountain: lzalco Volcano,
Aptly named the happiest animal on Earth. quokkas live mostly in Rottnestisland,Australia. Around 10,000-12,000 of these cute mammals live on the para
CRACKEDcO Tree lobsters are considered the rarest insects in the world, and can only be found in Lord Howe Island, Australia. Thought to be extinct in
Hazenite is one of the rarest minerals, found only at a specific place under certain conditions. These ultra rare crystals form in Mono Lake, Californ
Macquarie Island is the only place where rocks from the Earth's mantle (between the outer core and crust) actually emerge above sea level.
The largest freshwater invertebrate can only be found in the north-west of Tasmania. The Tasmanian giant freshwater crayfish can grow up to 31 inches
CRAGR The lnaccessible Island Rail is the world's smallest flightless bird, and you'd have to go on an odyssey to find one. The Inaccessible Island is
CRACKEDCO COM The Texas Blind Salamander is only found in a small area of Texas. And your nightmares.
CRACKED COM This is the world's smallest chameleon, Brookesia micra. It lives only on Nosy Hara, an uninhabited island off Madagascar with an area of
China's Stone Forest is a maze of jagged limestone pillars. It's 186 square miles of stones carved over millions of years by a unique combination of w
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