31 Greatest Insults From All Of History

31 Greatest Insults From All Of History

Oh, how we miss the past. People not only dressed better but they also delivered sharper insults. Appreciate history's most memorable comebacks, proving that you don't need to use the swear word to make someone feel bad about themselves:

Is there anything more satisfying in this universe than a well-crafted insult? A decent put-down is a unique thing of beauty, something to savor like an exquisite bottle of wine. When someone insults you with the appropriate combination of creativity and humor, you can't get upset. We recommend that you take nothing personally, brochacho. Simply say "sick burn," then walk away.

There have been plenty of jaw-dropping zingers and comebacks in history that have made us say, "Whoa!" We've compiled a list of these few of our favorites. Whenever you're done here, have a look at these. Here are 31 of the most memorable insults and retorts in history. So scroll on down and hold onto your socks.

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