15 Details That Movies and Shows Chose to Keep (After They Stopped Making Sense)

15 Details That Movies and Shows Chose to Keep (After They Stopped Making Sense)

We know the creators of these films and series were definitely not Buddhists because they were absolutely unable to let go of some things. We can't say we blame them; after all, audiences are often attached as well, and we all know how boisterous fans can become when they are denied their fix of their favorite programming. In some circumstances, no one was interested in removing the unnecessary items. Whatever the reason, these things came to a halt along the route and had no right to be there — yet here they are.

Occasionally, you'll discover yourself watching a movie and encountering a major stumbling block. Perhaps it destroys your suspension of belief, or perhaps it lingers for far longer. In either case, it's completely illogical.

There still are moments in every moviegoer's life when they have been left without their fingers frozen in a box of popcorn with their mouth gaping, gazing in amused anguish as one absurd moment after another plays out in front of them.

It's not only stupid movie details; several of our best films contain absolute WTF sequences that we'll never comprehend.

Spider-Man's Web Shooting Handsign

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Spider-Man curls his fingers because of, uh, reasons. Spidey still does the iconic web shooting hand sign - even though this gesture was always intended to press the trigger for his mechanical web shooters, which this version of the character famously lacks.

Source: Screen Rant

The TARDIS in Doctor Who

Doctor Who The TARDIS used to be much less conspicuous. A long-running joke is that the TARDIS is stuck in the shape of a police box - but that still allowed the craft to blend in in London when the series started, in the 1960s. Today nobody knows what a police box is, but the shape has become so iconic it'd be unthinkable to change it.

Source: Screen Rant

The Title of I Am Legend

I Am Legend Will Smith's character is not legend, actually. In Richard Matheson's book, Neville ends up discovering (spoiler alert) that as the last human and a vampire killer, he is a legend among the vampires, as vampires were once legendary to humans. The movie completely throws this ending away - and yet, it keeps the title.

Source: Den of Geek

The Octopus in The Goonies

The Goonies No, you didn't blink and miss the octopus. The octopus was very scary, Data says near the end - even though there's not a single octopus in the entire movie. Or is there? As it turns out, there was a scene featuring a giant cephalopod, but it was cut out because it didn't look good.

Source: Cinema Blend

The Jitterbug in The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz Insect? What insect? In a deleted scene, Dorothy and her gang are attacked by a bug sent by the Wicked Witch of the West. That doesn't happen in the finished movie - but the Witch still refers to it, when she tells her flying monkeys that she's sent a little insect ahead of them.

Source: Oz Wiki

The Name of the Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes The Looney Tunes used to be all about actual tunes. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies were mostly plotless musicals (like Disney's Silly Symphonies, which they were ripping off). Tunes eventually became zany comedy - but they kept the name, even though music was no longer the focus.

Source: Looper

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