13 Scenes Deleted From Famous Movies (That We Had No Idea About)

13 Scenes Deleted From Famous Movies (That We Had No Idea About)

The Cracked team, like you, spends a whole lot of time hanging around at home, of course. We're killing time by watching some of our favorite movies and shows. Thankfully, the hundreds of dollars we squandered on digital downloads and subscriptions are not totally wasted!

Watching the outtakes and deleted scenes got us thinking about some of our favorite things that didn’t make the big screen, especially those that are so wonderful that we wish they had never been cut from the movies in the first place. What we wouldn't give to be able to sweep up the proverbial cutting room floor…

Deleted scenes are a must-see for hardcore moviegoers because they give you a glimpse into the director's mind and what was almost excellent enough to make it into the final cut. Furthermore, there is frequently a slew of background details that aren't given anywhere else.

Want to learn more? Keep reading and thank us later.

Age of Ultron

An Age of Ultron deleted scene tells us way more about Pietro Maximoff. In the scene, he uses his super-speed to run around the world and fetch food and supplies for the citizens of Sokovia. CRACKED COM


Shang Chi

A scene cut from Shang Chi reveals a detail about Razor Fist's backstory. The scene sheds more light on Razor Fist's and The Mandarin's relationship, and tells us, among other things, that Razor Fist is actually called Matei. CRACKED COM


Cobra Kai

There's a scene you never got to see in Cobra Kai Season 3. It got cut from the broadcast version, but it's included on the DVD release-it shows Sam and Daniel talking in their kitchen about Sam getting ready to go back to school after the big brawl in Season 2. CRACKED.COM


The Walking Dead

A scene cut from The Walking Dead showed Lori as a zombie. In the aired scene, Rick has a vision of Lori in a white dress, and that's pretty much that -but in the original version, after making out with the hallucination, it's revealed that he was making out with zombie Lori. CRACKED COM



A scene with Sam and Dean on the road got cut from the Supernatural finale. And it featured that beloved catchphrase Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole. CRACKED COM


The Eternals

A scene cut from The Eternals tells us about the Deviants' fate. In the scene, Sprite and Dane Whitman talk about Thena, the Deviants, and illusions willingly held by humans, but ultimately they end up discussing Whitman's relationship with Sersi. CRACKED COM


The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man has a deleted scene with a detail about Uncle Ben. After he dies, Curt Connors gives Peter his sympathies and asks about Uncle Ben's profession-he built bridges, it turns out (and Connors, as The Lizard, will tear apart the Brooklyn Bridge later on). CRACKED COM



There's a deleted scene in Alien that shows Captain Dallas alive but in pain. He's encased in resin released by the xenomorph, and begs Ripley to kill him and put him out of his misery (which she eventually, reluctantly does, so he doesn't get absorbed into a Xenomorph egg). CRACKED COM


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