Tell Us Now: 19 Places Movies & TV Get Right

What movie or TV shows accurately depicts the place you live?
Tell Us Now: 19 Places Movies & TV Get Right

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What movie or TV shows accurately depicts the place you live?” We are excited to present 19 movies and shows that get details about their location correct… 

Delaware County, Philadelphia

... TELL US NOW. DELAWARE COUNTY, PHILADELPHIA SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK Jawn L. says, Silver Linings Playbook did a phenomenal job showing suburban blue collar areas outside Philadelphia. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS SHAMELESS I I + 308 Robert C. says, Shameless does a great job depicting Chicago--busy, beautiful without being pretty, rough around the edges, but far from the crime-ridden deathtrap certain media outlets make it out to be. CRACKED.COM

Syracuse, New York

... TELL US NOW. SYRACUSE, NEW YORK ADULT WORLD Emily N. tells us, Adult World (2013) was filmed in, and is set in, Syracuse, NY. It really is that dreary and gray here most of the time. We only have twenty-something full days of sunlight a year. CRACKED.COM

The Midwest

... TELL US NOW. THE MIDWEST, USA THE MIDDLE Aaron H. says, The Middle got a few things wrong, but it's definitely the most accurate depiction of life of a lower-middle-class family in the Midwest that I've seen on TV. CRACKED.COM

Tucson, Arizona

... TELL US NOW. TUCSON, ARIZONA WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS - Bobby В. says, I grew up in Tucson and Jackie Daytona from What We Do in the Shadows nails the accent. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. SOUTHEASTERN WISCONSIN THAT 70S SHOW Весса В. says, If you grew up in Southeastern Wisconsin (or Northeastern Illinois) it was fun to hear all the small, local towns name-dropped. The show did a good job capturing what it's like growing up out there too. Working class. Nothing to do. Going on adventures to the bigger towns and cities. But mostly, hanging out in a basement with your friends. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. RURAL INDIANA PARKS AND REC Jeff R. says, Parks & Rec nails small-town rural Indiana. CRACKED.COM

New Orleans, Louisiana

... TELL US NOW. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA PANIC IN THE STREETS Barry G. insists, The only accurate Hollywood movie about New Orleans is Panic in the Streets. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. SMALL-TOWN FLORIDA ON BECOMING A GOD IN CENTRAL FLORIDA Daniel P. says, On Becoming a God in Central Florida accurately depicts what it's like living in a small Florida town. It was dead on in its portrayal of theme park employees and former beauty pageant winners. Central Florida is a mixed bag of personalities and the show captured that perfectly. CRACKED.COM

West County, England

... TELL US NOW. WEST COUNTRY ENGLAND, UK HOT FUZZ Ross А. says, Hot Fuzz totally encapsulates life in the West Country of England. From the kids allowed to drink in pubs, mums and their shotguns, the terrible theatre from Posh people, the obsession with the local newspaper. Utter gold. CRACKED.COM

Scranton, Pennsylvania

... TELL US NOW. SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA THE OFFICE Mary L. says, Definitely did a decent job at depicting Scranton as an entity as being stuck in a small town with not a whole lot going on. One thing I find funny is when fans found out there is not(or at least wasn't during the time of the show) a Chili's anywhere near Scranton. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. MAINE MAINE CABIN MASTERS Kate C. says, Maine Cabin Masters is the only show I've ever seen with plausible Mainers. (Do NOT get me started on Tom Bosley's accent in Murder, She Wrote.) CRACKED.COM

Las Vegas, Nevada

... TELL US NOW. LAS VEGAS, NEVADA CSI 00 NOT GROSS GRIME SGENE 00 NUT GRUSO Corinne L. says, The original CSI showed Las Vegas more accurately than most shows. I don't gamble and haven't been inside any of the major casinos, so I don't know if those kind of scenes are accurate. But everything else is accurate, even the extras they have walking around. CRACKED.COM

West Yorkshire, England

... TELL US NOW. WEST YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND, UK HAPPY VALLEY Andi C. says, I have to admit the unromantic, unvarnished picture it paints of life in the former mill-towns of West Yorkshire is surprisingly accurate. Pretty bleak situations lit up by vibrant, proud and slightly rebellious people. CRACKED.COM

Jacksonville, Florida

... TELL US NOW. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA THE GOOD PLACE David M. says, Everything about Jacksonville, FL was spot on-from the airport to how people spend their down time. CRACKED.COM

Lowell, Massachusetts

... TELL US NOW. LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS THE FIGHTER DAL Open 7DAYSAW Nathaniel H. says, The accents and styles are perfect for the era. The only thing I would say is the movie makes it seem like there is hardly any traffic, that part isn't true. CRACKED.COM

Albuquerque, New Mexico

... TELL US NOW. ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO BREAKING BAD Dave W. says, It's pretty well documented that Albuquerque is portrayed almost as one of the characters in Breaking Bad, but it's less well-known to outsiders that the show is chock-full of real local businesses and locations. Aside from Los Pollos Hermanos, almost every local business in the series is real, as are most of the street names and other location details. CRACKED.COM

Juliette, Georgia

... TELL US NOW. JULIETTE, GEORGIA FRIED GREEN TOMATOES Erin P. says, It was filmed where I was born and raised. And I used to shop at that Win-Dixie. CRACKED.COM

Dursley, England

... TELL US NOW. DURSLEY, ENGLAND, UK HARRY POTTER Alexander T. says, J.K. Rowling called Harry Potter's horrible family the Dursleys after the town I'm from because she hated it. CRACKED.COM
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