13 Famous People We All Owe An Apology

13 Famous People We All Owe An Apology

We have a soft spot in our hearts for celebrities. We enjoy following their lives for some strange reason. The thing is, we all want our loved ones to prosper and have good lives. For whatever reason, this sense of affection often extends to those famous people we’ve never even met.

We don't feel the same way about everyone, though. Even if they are renowned, they are not immune to the disapproval of others. In reality, there are those celebrities who we despise for no obvious reason. At the end of the day, we have as much freedom to despise a celebrity as we have to enjoy them.

Understandably, you don't want to feel sorry for the wealthy and famous, yet famous people's problems can sometimes help you understand the problems that less powerful people face. Here are 12 famous people who, in retrospect, we can see got a bad rap. So scroll on down…

Yoko Ono

YOKO ONO Ono's name is synonymous with being a bandwrecker, but we have clear proof that was just the media villainizing a woman of color. In The Beatles: Get Back we see 1969 Paul McCartney joking about how ridiculous it is to blame Yoko for the band's rocky relationship, saying It's going to be such an incredible, comical thing in 50 years time. 'They broke up 'cause Yoko sat on an amp.' CRACKED.COM

Britney Spears

BRITNEY SPEARS Since a 16-year-old Spears released ...Baby One More Time the press hounded the young star. After details of her 13-year-conservatorship have been released, we can't help but be horrified at every joke leveled in her direction. Her 2007 often mocked head-shaving meltdown was, in retrospect, a badass attempt to retain autonomy control. CRACKED.COM

Cara Cunningham, of 'Leave Britney Alone'

'LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE' PERSON After details of Britney Spears' conservatorship were released, aside from Britney, no one was more instantly redeemed than the person behind the virally ridiculed Leave Britney Alonevideo, Cara Cunningham. Her plea for people to stop dehumanizing Britney, while clearly emotionally relating to the star, was met with absolute mockery and disdain. CRACKED.COM

Monia Lewinsky

MONICA LEWINSKY Monica Lewinsky was a 22-year-old unpaid intern when she fell for her married boss. And yet, somehow, she received all the backlash from the relationship with the most powerful man in the world. The press was brutal: constantly commenting on her weight and sex life, instead of turning a critical eye to the morality the President of the United States having a sexual relationship with an unpaid employee. CRACKED.COM

Courtney Sodden

COURTNEY SODDEN We laughed at 16-year-old Courtney Stodden's marriage to 50-year-old Doug Hutchison, instead of recognizing it as grooming. Additionally, we collectively vilify people who marry for money, without recognizing that marrying someone for youth and looks is just as shallow (if not more manipulative and less pragmatic.) CRACKED.COM

The Chicks

THE CHICKS The Chicks were blacklisted by country stations after a quick public comment against George Bush and the impending Iraq War. With hindsight of the Iraq War and Bush's now-debunked claims of weapons of mass destruction, it's honestly a shame more country stars didn't speak out for the troops' interests. CRACKED.COM

Kelly Marie Tran

KELLY MARIE TRAN When she was cast as Rose in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, the internet turned on her. Although certainly not the only Star Wars actor to receive hate (or even on this list), she was met with vicious hate, not related to her skill, but to her race, gender, and weight. CRACKED.COM

George Michael

GEORGE MICHAEL Unfortunately we can't apologize to the late Michael, but we can't forget the homophobia that followed his career. Не came out publicly after being forced out, after an undercover cop successfully attempted to seduce him in a 1998 sting operation. (The cop, by the way, tried to sue him for $10 million for emotional distress.) George Michael was a gay icon who didn't get his dues. CRACKED.COM

Child Stars

CHILD STARS From the time of Shirley Temple, we owe an apology those whose childhoods were exploited for our entertainment. Former child star Alyson Stone has spoken about the toddler-to-trainwreck pipeline, the expected trajectory of children in entertainment whoese lives implode after years of being in the spotlight. The formula is so familiar we're more surprised when child stars remain stable. CRACKED.COM

Source: People

Jake Lloyd

JAKE LLOYD We owe a lot of child actors an apology, but none were met with quite the same vitriol as the young Anakin Skywalker. It's fine to not like the prequels, it's fine to be mad at George Lucas, it's fine to even be mad at the casting director for picking the child actor. But, come on, we should have known better than to be mean to an eight-year-old whose guardians said yes to what should have been the opportunity of a lifetime. CRACKED.COM

Colin Kaepernick

COLIN KAEPERNICK 3 SB MEARS GACTI - - ME An NFL executive confirmed, 'No teams wanted to sign a player - even one as talented as Kaepernick - whom they saw as controversial, and, therefore, bad for business.' After the 2020 police murder of George Floyd, the NFL released a statement saying, We, the NFL, admit we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest. Yet, Kaepernick is still unsigned. CRACKED.COM

Source: NFL and CNN

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