Movies would get boring and repetitive if people who make, say, superhero films only took their inspiration from other superhero films. Yeah, we can hear the cynics saying that that’s already happening -- but we’re not cynical ourselves (today), and we acknowledge that movies and TV have a wider variety of influences that we tend to imagine, sometimes verging on the positively surprising…

The Office

THE OFFICE was heavily influenced by THE SOPRANOS. The Sopranos was actually the biggest influence on The Office, actor and producer B. J. Novak has said. The way Michael Scott will say something very serious but mispronounce a word I feel is a direct descendant of the Tony Soprano sense of humor.

Source: Yahoo

James Bond

James Bond's 007 came a bus. After author lan Fleming moved to Kent in the 1950s, he would often travel back to London by bus - specifically, the 007 bus. It still runs today, and is very popular with Bond fans.

Source: MyLondon


LOGAN was inspired by LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. I want to make Little Miss Sunshine with Logan, Charles Xavier, and X-23, director James Mangold pitched to the studio. Trap these superheroes in a van on a highway ... and see what happens.

Source: Empire


The DUCKTALES reboot was influenced by X-MEN. Showrunners Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones have said they took cues from Chris Claremont's X-Men comics, with their self- contained stories that feed an ongoing narrative.

Source: Vulture

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