Highways VS. Amtrak

Highways VS. Amtrak

Absolutely no planes, but trains and automobiles!

U.S. INTERSTATE TRAVEL HIGHWAYS VS. AMTRAK COVERING GROUND America has been a car Train travel may be considered quaint culture through and through since the first nowadays, in the domain automobiles rolled off of murder mysteries and assembly lines, and the Harry Potter, but there are size of its federal highway plenty of reasons not to let it fall by the wayside. system is massive. CRACKED.COM

U.S. INTERSTATE TRAVEL HIGHWAYS VS. AMTRAK CAPACITY Most cars can hold 5-8 Different Amtrak trains have different seating people. But you already knew that, because you capacities depending on live in reality and aren't a the route, but most hold around 300 passengers, strange alien just now learning about our culture 2-3 of whom are Wes through websites. Anderson characters. CRACKED.COM

Source: Amtrak

U.S. INTERSTATE TRAVEL HIGHWAYS VS. AMTRAK SAFETY OM TOWING LYDENBURG Cars are dangerous. Not Trains have a very low that we don't know that. To fatality rate, though still the tune of 7.3 deaths for not as low as planes. There every billion passenger are 0.43 deaths for each miles. 213 deaths if you're billion passenger-miles traveled. Unless you're in on a motorcycle, you son of anarchy, you! an Agatha Christie novel. CRACKED.COM

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U.S. INTERSTATE TRAVEL HIGHWAYS VS. AMTRAK FINAL THOUGHTS BROADWAY U.S. car travel is like Trains are like supporting Amazon. We understand local businesses. At first, that it's bad for the planet you feel great! Why did you and it occasionally maims ever do anything else!? people, but look, it's Then you're standing on the sidewalk staring at a cheap, convenient, and Christmas is in 2 days. $200 credit card receipt. CRACKED.COM

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