11 Trivia Tidbits For Your Sunday

11 Trivia Tidbits For Your Sunday

“Knowledge is power.” -Everyone You Ever Met

It's trite but kinda true, and it's our business around here. Filling up your brain with cool knowledge and the occasional poop joke are our twin north stars. So in this set, you'll find one but not the other. You can probably guess which one. OR CAN YOU?

That being said, this baby traverses the gambit from refusing to join the Manhattan Project to a sport built around swinging around the top bar on the playground, which is a sport we enthusiastically support. Along the way you'll also encounter facts about how many glasses of water the U.S. drinks daily to the historical significance of the yo-yo.

So yeah, knowledge is power - the power we like to give to the people - people like you. So dive on in and power up, the next time you need an arcane fact to keep the conversation moving you'll be glad you did.

The Earth's rotation slows by somewhere around 0.002 seconds every century. Going by that rate, if Earth still exists 180 million years from now, each day would be 25 hours long. CRACKED.COM

Source: Forbes

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