Steal His Look: Jerry’s Fashion Throughout The Seasons

For 10 years, Jerry really had a wardrobe about nothing.
Steal His Look: Jerry’s Fashion Throughout The Seasons

Are you thin, single, and neat? There's nothing wrong with that - just follow these style tips, from the '90s biggest fashion icon, to make sure you're looking your best! 

COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM FUR COAT он HE'S A DANDY, A REAL FANCY BOY SEASON 9 M FR Make sure to hold on to your black, leather thing with a strap. No, it's not a purse, it's European.
COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM SUEDE JACKET YOU CAN ALWAYS GET THE LINING REPLACED SEASON 2 Just do it before walking in the snow, or that will be a very, VERY expensive mistake.
COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM GOLDEN BOY SHIRT THE FIRST SHIRT JERRY WEARS AFTER DOING LAUNDRY, FOR SIX YEARS SEASON 5 But look, the collar is fraying. After too many wash cycles, pass the torch to Golden Boy's son: Baby Blue.
COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM COWBOY BOOTS WHEN ALL YOUR SNEAKERS ARE AT MOM AND POP'S SHOE CLEANERS 20 SEASON 6 PARKING AWAY ZO But, you don't want to be a cowboy? Better not try to run in them on concrete, or else you'll slip and crack a tooth.
COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM SIZE 31 JEANS JERRY IS PRETTY THIN SEASON 7 CARD Do you scratch off the 32 and write a 31? Your secret is safe with us - it's in the vault.
COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM GOLF SHIRT, TUCKED JUST WATCH THAT THE TOP BUTTON ISN'T IN NO MAN'S LAND SEASON 6 You may leave the dentist untucked. Are you sure you were tucked? You don't always tuck those in.
COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM NUTRIA FUR HAT A LOT CHEAPER THAN SABLE SEASON 8 Just don't get it wet - that can't be good for business. Or anybody.
COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM CRESTED SPORT COAT A LOANER FROM THE FRIARS' CLUB, WHEN YOU COME UNPREPARED SEASON 7 If you walk out of the club with the jacket, make sure the Flying Sandos Brothers don't make it disappear.
COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM TUXEDO YOU'VE GOT то LOOK YOUR BEST FOR PAGLIACCI SEASON 4 You can still feel tough, just take out a dollar bill and rip it in half in front of the opera crowd.
COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM WHITE SNEAKERS A '90s STAPLE SEASONS 1-9 Don't fret if the laces come undone and touch the floor of a public mens room, just toss them out.
COMEDY NERD CRACKED.COM ORANGE JUMPSUIT HIGH VISIBILITY COTTON WITH A WHITE UNDERSHIRT; STAND OUT BY BLENDING IN SEASON 9 AAM COITY Sure, everyone else may be rocking the same outfit, but at least you won't have to worry about what you'll wear every day.
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