Cracked know that any of you have heard by now that the novelization for 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' has been canceled. This comes after the news that the same thing happened to the novelization of 'Rogue One. While it's not clear why these decisions were made, there are a few possible explanations. Some believe that it's because Disney doesn't want people reading novels that might give away plot points for upcoming movies. Others believe that it's because there are already so many books in the franchise, and Disney is trying to scale back. Whatever the reason may be, it's definitely disappointing news for fans of the series.

When Disney bought Star Wars, everyone and their Rancor joked that Leia was a Disney Princess now. So far, however, characters from Disney and from Star Wars (also Marvel) have been kept apart from each other — but in the mid-'90s, even more disparate George Lucas movies were close to being merged into a shared universe. And like it usually happens with these mad things, it was the idea of one single visionary.

George Lucas' Alter Egos

ALIEN EXODUS RICHARD DREYFUSS' CHARACTER IN AMERICAN GRAFFITI IS IMPLIED TO BE LUKE SKYWALKER'S ANCESTOR. The hero of Alien Exodus is a slave named Cosmo Hender, descended from American Graffiti's Curt Henderson - and also, the galaxy's first Force user. Не taps into the Force to levitate, which earns him the nickname Skywalker.

Source: Robert J. Sawyer


LESS OF ALIEN EXODUS THAN YOU MAY THINK CONTRADICTED ESTABLISHED LORE. The mid-'90s was before the prequel trilogy, and long before the infinite proliferation of Star Wars material we see today. Only minor details in Alien Exodus ran against anything produced at the time, and those could be easily fixed before publication.

Source: Wookieepedia

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